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I totally agree that everyone should broaden their reading horizons. I’ve just started to read a book that’s a complete different genre to what I’d normally read and I’m absolutely loving it! I’d have missed out on that experience had I not ventured out in what I read

Commented on / Why You Should Broaden Your Reading Horizon

Such a fab post! It’s amazing how wonderful it can be to look back and reflect on your year

Commented on / 19 Lessons I’ve Learned in 2019

I love these ideas! So often our New Years resolutions are so big that we’re destined to fail them. These ideas are manageable and ones that we can all achieve

Commented on / 5 things to start in January – that aren’t new year’s resolutions

Auch great tips! We can all do our bit to make the world that little bit better!

Commented on / Kindness

Such a fab idea to make beauty products at home! It will save so much money and you’ll know exactly what’s in them so you can avoid all those nasty chemicals. Thanks so much for sharing!

Commented on / 5 Beauty Products You Can Make at Home

I love this list! So often we can get wrapped up in the gift giving of Christmas that we forget to be intentional about how we spend our time. I love that you’ve created a list of your goals to make sure that you’re more intentional this Christmas season!!

Commented on / My Goals This Christmas Time.

I love watching friends when I feel rubbish! No matter how bad I feel if never fails to make me feel a little bit better

Commented on / Self Care TV: 5 Shows to Watch When You’re Feeling Like Crap

They’re definitely worth a listen if you get chance!

Commented on / The Music I’m Loving At The Moment

These are really helpful tips! I'd never considered eating seasonally so that will save me a lot of money at uni- as well as allowing me to try some new recipes. Thank you so much for sharing!x

Commented on / How to eat healthily at Uni

I noticed Instagram penalties a few weeks ago when I was having a clear out of who I was following- I unfollowed about 300 people and then got blocked from any other actions. I was confused as to why but it's interesting to now know why it happened. Thank you for sharing useful tips about boosting engagement on Instagram- they're super helpful for novices like me!x

Commented on / Lets Talk Instagram Engagement

They really do!

Commented on / It’s The Small Things

I didn't know the root of it either until I was researching this post- it really is interesting! Thanks so much for commenting x

Commented on / The Power of Vulnerability

We definitely don't talk about periods enough so thank you so much for sharing! I used to have the most horrendous periods- they would last 10 days, would constantly be heavy and the cramps were horrible. Thankfully, I got the coil a few years ago which completely stopped my periods and I've now swapped to the depo injection which stops them too. I definitely don't miss having periods!xx

Commented on / let’s talk, periods

I'm desperate to see this film!

Commented on / Last Christmas – Not Your Ordinary Christmas Flick

I love these ideas! I usually struggle to get into the Christmas spirit but these ideas will definitely be a step towards getting there! Thanks so much for sharing!x

Commented on / My Top 10 Advent Activities.

I do the exact same thing, it's horrible! Maybe being kinder to ourselves when things go wrong is something we could all work on. Thanks so much for commenting!x

Commented on / Failing Doesn’t Make You A Failure

Thanks so much for sharing this! It can take real guts to be so public with our reflections but you've written a really great letter to your younger self!

Commented on / A Letter to my Twelve Year Old Self

These are some super handy tips about how we as current students can make changes to get the most out of our remaining time at uni.

Commented on / What I Would Have Done Differently While in Uni

Such great suggestions! One of my favourite Christmas films is 'A Christmas Princess' it's such a brilliant family friendly film!

Commented on / Family Friendly Films you need to watch this winter

I definitely relate to Meredith on a spiritual level too! I think that might be my favourite too! It's definitely something I'm having to remember a lot at the moment! Thanks so much for reading!xx

Commented on / Meredith Grey’s Top 5 Nuggets Of Wisdom

These are such handy tips! I struggle with knowing how to prepare for seminars so these will be vital. Thank you so much for sharing!

Commented on / Seminar Preparation Tips

Games nights are a great idea because people who want to drink can and those who don't have the option not to!x

Commented on / Fun Things To Do At Uni WITHOUT Drinking

They so totally are! The small gestures are really the ones that get me the the tough times! x

Commented on / It’s The Small Things

They definitely do! Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

Commented on / It’s The Small Things

Definitely! Just a little bit everyday can stop you from burning out. Thank you for reading!

Commented on / What Is Self Care Anyway?

There’s definitely so much to celebrate in autumn! Thanks for reading and taking the time to share!

Commented on / Celebrating Autumn Rather Than Halloween

Kindness really is so important and like you say, it costs nothing! You've so poignantly summed up why kindness is so crucial. Thank you for sharing!

Commented on / Top 5 Reasons To Be Kind.

I moved to Nottingham just over a year ago and these are all the reasons I love it so much! It really is a brilliant city!

Commented on / 5 Reasons to Visit Nottingham

These are super helpful tips! I've always struggled with creating a CV so these will be super handy. Thanks so much for sharing!

Commented on / Your Resume: Your Sell Sheet

They’re such good ideas of things to do together. I especially love the idea of a games night! Thank you so much for reading and for sharing! Xx

Commented on / Fun Things To Do At Uni WITHOUT Drinking

Uni is definitely teaching me that I have no patience- housemates are the best for seeing how far they can push the boundaries of it before I snap. Admittedly they don’t have to push them very far ???? x

Commented on / Lessons I Learned at University

These are such important tips! University can be one of the worst times for mental health and so it’s important to know how to look after you mental well being x

Commented on / Student Mental Health Tips: 5 Ways to Look After Your Mental Health at University

These are brilliant ideas! I'm always in too much of rush to eat breakfast but these seem like quick ways to make sure I get something to eat to start my day. Especially the granola bowl which I can make the day before. Thanks for sharing! Xx

Commented on / 5 Easy on-the-go breakfast ideas you NEED to try this Autumn

I must admit, carving a pumpkin is the only thing I’ve ever done for Halloween. But it certainly was fun! Xx

Commented on / Celebrating Autumn Rather Than Halloween

It’s definitely true that the customer isn’t always right. I had a customer kick off because the particular style of pen she wanted came with black ink not blue. As you say, some customers are just a pain!

Commented on / Important Lessons I Learned From Working in Retail

Such helpful tips for how we can all be a little bit more eco-friendly. Small changes can make a big difference when it comes to saving our planet!

Commented on / Eco Anxiety​; The Earth Is Dying

Me time is so important! I think that so often we can have a culture that tells us we have to be productive all the time- but actually, taking time for ourselves is vitally important. Thank you so much for sharing!

Commented on / Why ‘Me’ Time Is Important For The Soul

Taking regular breaks is essential! Mine tend to become super long breaks so setting myself a timer will be a super helpful thing to try. Thanks for sharing!

Commented on / Staying Productive When You’re Easily Distracted

I completely agree Amy, Christmas is the perfect time to be showing a little extra kindness! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and for your lovely comments ???? xx

Commented on / Maybe We Could All Be A Little Kinder…

Thanks for your lovely comments Jayne! ???? I have no doubt you're doing a brilliant job in teaching your children the meaning of kindness! X

Commented on / Maybe We Could All Be A Little Kinder…

Definitely! I totally agree that starting at home is the perfect way to learn how to be kind to other people. Thanks for reading!! 🙂

Commented on / Maybe We Could All Be A Little Kinder…

These are such handy tips. Especially having set time for going through worries- I lose so much of my day to worrying so this will be such a handy tool! Thanks for sharing!xx

Commented on / 3 Tips To Help Calm Your Worries

I think the both the books and the films have their own individual strengths. However, I must agree, I do love how much more detail there is in the books!

Commented on / 5 Books You Won’t Be Able To Put Down

For sure, kindness is so often underrated but it’s such an important quality to have. When I look back at the people who’ve shown me kindness, they’re the ones who’ve brightened my days the most- and they probably don’t even know it!!

Commented on / Maybe We Could All Be A Little Kinder…

I love everything about this! I fing that a social media detox every now and again does wonders for the soul!

Commented on / Social Media Detox

All of Giovanna’s books are brilliant! She has such an easy-to-read style of writing and I absolutely love it! I haven’t read the latest in the Me Before You series yet, but it’s on my list of books to get!

Commented on / 5 Books You Won’t Be Able To Put Down

I love everything about this! Especially the quotes at the end! If we reframe how we see success, everything changes!

Commented on / Success…. How do you Define It?

I was ghosted by my best friend. It was so hard! I had to remind myself that I’d find new friends but even then the same level of trust was hard to initially find

Commented on / To The Friend That Ghosted Me.

Such a lovely post! We often talk about making time for self care, but nobody actually says what that looks like in practical terms. Thank you so much for sharing.

Commented on / How to Practice Self-Care

Definitely! I always find that taking myself off for some time alone is the best way forward when I have a bad day! It’s always okay to look after yourself!

Commented on / Looking After Me

100% nobody feels okay all the time. It’s important that we realise that and look after ourselves when we’re not feeling our best!

Commented on / Looking After Me

I really struggle with waking up at the same time each day because my schedule is so varied. Some days I get home super late and some days I start really early. However, I love positive affirmations! I have a list of them on my bedroom wall and each morning I choose a few to start my day off with. It just gives the morning a positive energy from the get go!

Commented on / 5 Steps to a more Positive Morning

I’ve never done a long distance relationship- in fact it’s been one of my biggest fears! You seem to be doing it so well and you’ve given such helpful tips that you’ve shown me that it is a possibility for the future if necessary. Thank you! Xx

Commented on / here’s the tea- long distance relationships

I often think that each new season is a chance for a new start! It’s so refreshing to know that the last few months can be put to rest and the future can be focused on!

Commented on / Getting a fresh start with fall: 4 must have tips

These are brilliant tips for when we're feeling low! We all have times when we're not feeling our best and it's so important to be gentle with ourselves in these times. It's okay not to be okay, but what's not okay is not looking after ourselves when we're not feeling our best. Thank you for sharing these tips, which I'm sure will help so many people!

Commented on / 3 Tips To Help You Cope When You’re Having A Low Week

I'm an introvert and had never thought of running as a way of recharging. Thanks so much for sharing!!

Commented on / Re-Energising on the run, life as an introvert

I love autumn too, for all the reasons you've listed above!

Commented on / What Excites Me Most About Autumn

This is such a helpful blog post, thank you!!

Commented on / How to deal with negative thoughts

Totally! It's not about shying away from debate but learning how to engage healthily in them!

Commented on / Learning To Argue Well

I couldn't agree more! It's become so hard to go about your daily business without somebody wanting to know what you're doing. It's a hard one to navigate and something I think we could all work on a little bit more.

Commented on / “Why Are You Still Single?” And Other Questions I Wish People Would Stop Asking

Learning how to cook has been a godsend at uni! I tend to batch cook healthy meals and then freeze them so that when I have late finishes I don't have to faff about with cooking, I can just pop a meal in the microwave and be done with it.

Commented on / Learning to cook

Thank you so much for sharing this Cheryl! I'd never thought about how me going to uni affected my mum- only how it would affect me, so thank you so much!!

Commented on / To My Beautiful Daughter- Uni Moving Day

Brilliant post! I'll definitely be trying some of these tips!

Commented on / 5 Tips To Improve Your Sleeping Habits

Such a brilliant blog Lisa! Thanks for sharing such great tips about managing social media! I do however think it's healthy to set limits on the time that we're spending on social media to make sure it's not taking over our lives.

Commented on / Social Media: Friend or Foe?

Thank you for being so open and sharing your experiences Alice! I’m sure they’ll really help some people xx

Commented on / My Uni Reality

It's definitely worth a watch! Hope you enjoy it!xx

Commented on / The 5 Shows I’m Loving Right Now

I'm definitely much closer to my family when I'm away than when I'm at home. I must admit that I feel the same way as you when I come home. The little things like the kitchen being rearranged can really be overwhelming. It's strange isn't it!xx

Commented on / How Moving Away For University Changed My Relationship With My Family

These are brilliant tips which will be super helpful for freshers. I'd also add that you open yourself up to meeting people however that may present itself- I met one of my closest friends because I got lost on campus during freshers so friendships can grow from anywhere!

Commented on / How to Survive Freshers Week: Lessons I Learned in My First Year

Love these ideas! I’ve also recently discovered Morsbags as an alternative to shopping bags- they’re made out of fabric that was otherwise going to be binned so are more sustainable in that way x

Commented on / 14 Ideas on Becoming More Eco-Friendly

This is such a brilliant blog! I really found that having a good self care routine during my time in college made it so much easier for me to get through the gruelling study time. Thank you for sharing!x

Commented on / The Importance of Self Care In College

Thank you Amy for writing this blog! It's so good to look at how far you've come and to do it in such a public way must have taken some courage!x

Commented on / Dear Fourteen Year Old Me…

These are great tips for people just about to start uni!! I’d also add to the list spending time with family and friends. On the days that I’m feeling most home sick the memories that I made in the lead up to uni are the most valuable!

Commented on / Nine things to do before University.

Thank you for this post Paul! These tips are definitely super helpful for doing well at university! They'll be especially helpful for freshers who are just about to start their university journey

Commented on / University tips to be at the top of your game

These are brilliant tips! I always skip breakfast because I've left myself no time so I'll definitely be giving these a try!

Commented on / No time for breakfast? Try this method in less than 5 minutes

Thank you for taking the time to write this blog post! The way that you’ve opened up about your own journey has been super helpful in starting to make me think about the way I’m actually feeling when I look at myself. THANK YOU!!!

Commented on / Why FAT is not a feeling.

These apps sound great as a way of increasing productivity, thanks for sharing!! I personally find that headspace works best for me in an evening so that I can wind down and separate my work day from my chill time so that I’m more rested in the morning. Thanks for sharing!

Commented on / The Top Productivity Apps to Start Your Day

This is a really insightful and helpful post. Thank you so much for sharing!

Commented on / 7 Tips for a Struggling Empath

Thank you so much for this post! I'm definitely a what-if-er so these tips will be a massive help to me!

Commented on / A Gentle Guide For “What-If-Ers”

Like you I had to use clearing- I'm now about to start second year. Whilst at the time it felt like the worst thing in the world to have been rejected, I know that I'm so much happier where I am now! Like you said- using clearing isn't the end of the world, it's just the universe telling you that you're meant to be somewhere else.

Commented on / My Clearing Story

This is such a handy article! I really wish I'd read it before I'd applied for uni as it would have made my choice a lot easier.

Commented on / University Degree Courses – 8 Things to Consider Before Applying

These are brilliant ideas! The summer break is long and already it's starting to feel boring. These ideas will help give me something to do before going back to uni. Thanks for sharing!

Commented on / Summer ideas.

This is a brilliant guide for dealing with exam stress! I wish I'd read it before my last lost of exams. I'm definitely going to save the tips for my next lot of exams. Thank you for sharing!

Commented on / What should I do if I feel stress before exams?

These are really handy tips! Money is really tight as a student and so these will help me to make a little bit of extra money and my budget stretch further. Thanks for sharing!

Commented on / 10 Ways to Make Money

Thank you for taking the time to write this. I’ve just finished my first year and reading this has reminded me that even though I find it difficult and have had to be talked out of dropping out many times when I look back on my experience it will all be worth it. What a brilliant post!

Commented on / What I Wish I’d Known When I Was At University.

This is such a handy list for freshers to use as a basis for packing! I wish I’d seen it before I went to uni last year- I would have helped me know what was essential and what wasn’t

Commented on / What do I need to take to uni halls?

Such a brilliant post! I’ve just finished first year and I’ve loved volunteering this year. Reading this has helped me to see the impact that it will have on my career prospects beyond the impact that it has now.

Commented on / Why Volunteer whilst at University?

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