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What is an ERM?

An ERM is an Everyday Role Model – is a vital piece to our community.

They are bloggers with a voice to tell real stories. Inspire, educate, entertain and support others with your content. Be as creative as you like and use My Need to Live as your platform to support young people with the issues that you think matter.

Join our global network of inspirational people that are passionate about making an impact on young people’s lives.

Why become an ERM?

As an ERM, you will build your personal portfolio with your original content and articles. Being in this role will improve your CV with writing experience, a reference, and digital badges to show your achievements. You can share your other platforms and social media accounts to build your following.

Best of all? You’ll be making a real impact on others’ lives.

  • Develop your writing and get rewarded for it. 
  • Build your personal brand and portfolio of content. 
  • Write about things that are important to you.

Become an ERM

Become an ERM now to start sharing your ideas and experiences with our community and be a part of something that truly matters.

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