How to Survive Being Laid Off in 2023


Joseph Meyer

01 March 2023 0 comments

The pain of being laid off is affecting thousands, but mostly in big tech. It saddens me to say I was just laid off and although I did not work or one of the major big tech companies like Twitter, Alphabet and others we were still apart of financial tech. Here is a recent article on big tech lay off numbers in 2023 : Largest Layoffs of 2023 (

In a way I was no surprised, but shocked that the company notified us the day of the layoff followed by an e-mail and then a zoom call of those affected.

Waking up early Tuesday for a meeting, checking my e-mailing and finding I was one those being let go, it was painful to say the least.

Laid off: The first 6 things you need to do - Salary Tutor

I have grown over the years to experience this more and more in the last few years of being laid off due to restructuring.  It’s painful because I do suffer from depression and anxiety along with have a wife and daughter to support, add to the fact that I am over forty years old.

Many who experience see the cavalier way companies make decisions to just cut people as its just business right. We are taught that being loyal to a company is vital and companies command and demand it but where is the loyalty to the worker, frankly there is now.

What’s also infuriating is the complete lack of empathy and fake words the CEO’s say just to make themselves seem like the victim of the times, often blaming the economy. In the case of the company, I worked for they simply say they are working to “Recalibrate” their workforce and be stronger in the future. Forget the fact that many of us let go, got them to the point of success with how we worked with the clients and made the clients successful.

Having started my career in early two thousands, over twenty years have seen how companies have grown quite heartless in the pursuit of a buck. I get the argument is well a company needs to make profit to survive, they to make sure they survive and cuts need to happen. This I can understand, but what about those companies many millions and even billions in record profits that still cut the workforce. I get it, it’s not a charity but still where is the humanity for caring about the workforce, I do not see it.

I am sorry to say that when these situations happen, I immediately got to the worst case scenario of being homeless, penniless or worse yet dead. My depression mode immediately kicks in where I look for a way out such as if my family would be ok, if I ended my life tonight.

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My thought process is yes, I would be gone, but they would be able to survive without me and not have the worry of me bringing them down. I would have peace not to worry about them that they would not eat or live on the street. I often toss and turn at night thinking of where I went wrong in this life, how I failed as an employee, as a person, a father and husband.

During these times, there are strategies and can implement to have a better frame of mind and get through this transition.

  1. Relax

This is counterintuitive to how you actually feel. Here is what you should do after you lose your job:

  • Sleep in
  • Catch up with a friend.
  • Go to the gym, take a walk
  • Do whatever you want

Self-care needs to be your one number priority because this is a transition that no one wants and likes and must try to do the best we cant in a tough situation.

  1. Avoid application burnout

Without a job we are on survival mode, waking up going directly to our computer and sitting down for 8 hours apply, apply , apply day in day out. You think you are being productive and proactive but you are not by apply for jobs left and right, hit the pause. Its easy to get stuck into apply as many of the sites today like indeed make it effortless and simple to submit our resume, but it can suck us in and drag us down. Remember that applying for jobs online is apart of your job search , just not all of it.

  1. Ask for help

During to your network, being your best bet and much more then applying online. Anyone who can make an introduction for you or provide a personal recommendation is key.

  1. Shift your perspective

Could losing your job be a good thing? I can see the eye roll now. Getting laid off can actually be a great thing for your career. In fact, I owe my present success to every single job that kicked me the curb. Each time making me reevaluate my job choices and what I wanted to do next.

Sometimes you realize you were at the wrong job. That why its so important to take inventory of what you want, where you want to be.

  1. Stay on course

It will probably happen again. No longer do people work for the same company for 40 years and retire with a pension and a nice pen. “The Likihood you are going to get laid off during your career is high, let alone laid off once, but multiple times.

Not exactly what many of us want to hear but take solace in the fact the were all in this career rollercoaster together.

Tom Smallwood Quote: “Getting laid off was one of the worst things that ever happened to me. But ...

We are going to hand these situations differently, many of us living in regret about the past choices we have made that got us to this point. But a laid off can be a new beginning, a fresh start to reinvent yourself. To correct those mistakes, we may have made previously in a previous position, a real chance to grow again. Yes its difficult, stressful, painful but in the long run this should make us stronger. Remember to take care of your mind, body and soul during these times because that’s is what’s going to get you through future lay off’s and unpredictable companies who could care less about your well-being as we need to care ultimately about our well-being.

For those who have been laid off especially recently keep your head up and remember this is just temporary. Spend time with those you love and remember to focus on your well-being each day, your worth it.

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