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The wellbeing of your staff and your business are aligned.

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For £8 per employee or less, you can give them the skills needed to meet everyday challenges more effectively, feel better about themselves and increase motivation and wellness within the workplace.


‘Wellbeing insurance for your staff’


Reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and improve your recruitment process:

Offering the MyNeedToLive Wellness Portal as part of your company benefits package not only supports your current employees, it’s attractive to job seekers too
24/7 access to resources on mental wellbeing, physical, nutritional and financial health along with life skills like effective communication and resilience all play an integral part in business success
Creating a learning environment that drives your teams to aspire to be better creates a leadership mindset pushing for success.
Online courses to upskill your employees to help their development.

We work with Dr Rosie

Within the Wellbeing Portal for your employees is a three-part video series created with Dr Rosie; Work, Home and Play, Science-Backed Ways to Feel Better Every day.

Based on years of professional experience, research and guidance by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, the video and accompanying resources explore;

– why we feel strong negative emotions
– why it is important that we do
– the positive effects that negative emotions have on your mind and body
– the useful kit that negative emotions unfortunately turn off
– and importantly, how to get them back online so mind and body work to your advantage

Dr Rosie is a Clinical Psychologist and founder of The Innovation in Mental Health Project, CIC. She helps parents to be the parents they want to be while navigating fulfilling and exciting careers and works with teams and leadership to address the psychological difficulties faced in the workplace. Dr Rosie also runs the hugely successful Psychology Business School – coaching professionals in her field to create a fulfilling business.

“We need avenues where our youth can not just source information but also learn from those who have done it before, learn from each other, share ideas, share their challenges and eventually find the right path. I believe we need to make this part of their life’s journey easy, engaging and enjoyable and I believe that My Need to Live has the intent and drive to make this happen.”

Sameer D’Mello, HSBC , Global Head of Digital Innovation

Employer membership

Our Employer Membership is designed to help organisations looking to adapt and change the way their staff manage the stresses of work, post-Covid.

It provides a solution to managing practical concerns over retention of staff and demonstrates a commitment to investing in employee’s health and wellbeing by championing a learning environment and its broader benefits.

  • Access to an online wellbeing portal.
  • Access to multiple online courses with qualifications.
  • Access to proven professional development programmes.
  • Access to the Ready for Work Programme.
  • The ability to connect with members of our Community for recruitment / mentorship purposes.

Our partners

We are here to provide world-class career-focused training, bridging the life skills gap between education and employment. We couldn’t do this without our incredible partners.

Employer Review

‘We have seen significant improvement in the performance and overall wellbeing of our staff. MyNeedToLive has acted as a buffer taking excellent care of our staff’s wellbeing. Some of them said ‘They have read our minds!’ – Woollcombe Yonge Solicitors

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If you are interested in speaking to us about an Employer Membership and what is included then we’d love to hear from you!


    The My Need To Live team is passionate about helping young people overcome these struggles and succeed in the workplace.

    By working with you are also supporting our online community platform which helps young people become more employable and be ready for work.

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