About Us

Hi! We’re NeedToLive. Thanks for stopping by.

MyNeedToLive is set up to support young people throughout their journey in education. It is a safe place to gather impartial information, advice and guidance on a wide variety of subjects and offers answers to questions many young people face. With information on careers and enterprise, education, finance, lifestyle and well-being, visitors are able to get assistance via blogs, videos and links to relevant professional organisations. MyNTL is a free, not for profit website created in conjunction with collaborators to offer help in situations where it’s needed.

We understand that you NeedToLive, and we are here to help!

Our Ethos

What if the world was run on the principle of Purpose Before Profit? MyNeedToLive believes that we should stop wishing and start creating that world now.

Being a young person is tough enough at times. Looming deadlines, dealing with finances, rent, and living away from home can lead to increasing levels of stress for students. It’s no secret that all this pressure can take it’s toll in terms of wellbeing, affecting motivation levels and can even lead to mental health issues.

So we set up MyNeedToLive to help with those everyday issues before they get on top of you. Worried about your finances? We have a wide range of articles to help you. Concerned about your career path? We have expert-written articles for you to read. In fact, we have resources on MyNeedToLive covering Education, Enterprise, Wellbeing and Lifestyle too.

Whatever you are concerned about, we’ve probably got a blog, video, podcast or info graphic to navigate it all. Plus it’s all free to access 24/7 so you can get it whenever you need it most, without waiting in a queue or booking an appointment.

At MyNeedToLive we are passionate about changing the world by helping you create it. Our rallying cry is Purpose Before Profit because that’s how the world should work.

We also have an online store where we have curated an amazing collection of benefits, discounts and services for young people and young peoples lives. A percentage of all purchases made in the store is donated to educational improvement which allows us to constantly invest in the future.

MyNeedToLive is a team of dedicated individuals and together we channel our passion for a better future. Join us as we build a world that values Purpose Before Profit.

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