About Us

Our Purpose

We are a digital platform designed to support & empower young adults to turn aspiration into action.

Our Vision

We would love the world to be run on the principle of Purpose Before Profit.

We believe when people collaborate and share ideas it makes the world a better place.

With support, young people can develop the skills they need to face and shape their future.

By sharing stories in our digital community they also encourage each other’s goals and aspirations, they use information to inspire change.


We don’t have to tell you how tough it can be to be young. Young adults need ideas and information from people they can trust to understand. They need to hear from people, like them, who face the same challenges, stresses and worries.

MyNeedToLive CIC was created to give them that platform and is a community where every opinion counts. 

Our Mission

We are here to enable young adults support each other, to build skill in content creation and bolster their confidence by sharing their stories 

What is MyNeedToLive?

MyNeedToLive is a free digital Community Interest Company for 16-24-year olds packed with relevant, impartial and topical content created by young people, for young people. 

This is a simple to access hub where young adults can talk about, think about and find out about everyday issues affecting their lives.

It’s a space where they can flex their content creating muscles and develop practical skills to help them, and people like them, face and shape the future – without the filter of social media.

There are seven core areas: enterprise, lifestyle, well being, entertainment, finance, education and careers; and while the topics are fixed, your point of view is their own.

Young people can also gain accreditation in content creation, which you can read about here

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For more on how you can contribute and help us continue to support young people, get in touch on 01752 977 600.

Real lives, real stories, real people

You’ll find blogs, videos, podcasts and infographics by young people which can help their peers navigate the world.

It’s free to access 24/7, so they can find support anytime.

Click here to get involved and become part of a movement that can shape the world.

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