A bit about us

In a world where innovation is boundless and the need for diverse thinking has never been greater, it’s important that we provide our young people with real opportunities to explore their potential.

What we stand for

At My Need to Live we develop communities of talented youth on an online platform focused on creating social impact in order to get them ready for what lies ahead professionally.

The rise of digital platforms is making it easier than ever before not just to connect but also collaborate across boundaries – including geographical ones.

At My Need to Live these connections are taking place between us, between our Community as well as externally with our partners and customers.

Why we exist

The My Need To Live team is passionate about helping young people overcome these struggles and succeed in the workplace.

We want to support young people to be able to get that first big break, learn how to be successful in their career, and become an active member of our community.

Our community

Whether you want to grow your skills, get picked up by an employer who needs your specific knowledge, earn more qualifications for your CV, or some combination of the three, My Need to Live can help. Our community for 16-24 year olds is here to support you.

For employers

We actively work with companies to help their employees obtain the life skills to be a resilient, flexible achiever at work. This has a real impact on the company culture, on retention of staff, engagement levels and general happiness.

See our courses

On top of the Ready for Work Programme, My Need to Live courses cover a variety of subjects to help a young person decide what future career is for them.

They cover salary expectations, demographics, skills required, core knowledge base and more – giving you the perfect platform to thrive in your chosen career!

Discover more about our courses

Our partners

We are here to provide world-class career-focused training, bridging the life skills gap between education and employment. We couldn’t do this without our incredible partners.

Support us

Your support allows us to continue our work, incorporate new ideas that benefit young people and help them to discover their path in both the workplace and home.

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