The Rise Of Layoff’s and How to Combat Them in Today’s Job Market


Joseph Meyer

29 April 2023 0 comments

Losing one’s job is painful, it can be one of the most destructive events happening in ones life. I should know I have been through a few of them. Most recently I was laid off March 2nd, 2023.  An unexpected shock as the organization I worked for gave no indication there would be any form of layoffs. It was Tuesday February 28th, six in the morning as I was preparing for a meeting with a client at seven. I naturally check my messages when my team’s app did not open which I found unusual. I then went straight to my e-mail when in black and white saw those dread words, “Restructure” , “9% staff cuts” and “Your position has been eliminated”.

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I was completely numb to the news as it was so early, my daughter and wife were still sleeping, waking my wife up to let her know the news and she was in shock, we embraced and assured each other everything was going to be alright.  From there I logged onto my computer as I searched my e-mails to see that the C.E.O sent the whole staff a four in the morning e-mail about the changes. I lost many of my teammates in the cuts, people I worked closely with, people you would not expect to be cut, were gone.

The Rise of Mass Layoff’s with No Empathy

I know in today’s job market; mass lay offs have been happening progressively since last year from twitter and google to most recently amazon. The organization was a part of was also a tech company and a public company at that.  I took me some time to adjust, to not fall into previous traps of self-destruction, self-loathing, blaming myself, thinking what I could have done differently for my employer to keep me on board, it was personal.

Google Layoffs November 2022

I had to realize that although these situations are difficult in most cases, they were temporary setbacks, but one never knows as the job market appeared slow, filled with those who were recently unemployed fighting and competing for the same roles. From day one I knew I needed a break, taking a two week break to recharge, rest and think about my plan of action.  Although I have a family to support, I was fortunate enough to receive severance and vacation, last paycheck to help tide me over. I know I am unfortunate that many do not get this, some literally lose their job and worry about how rent is going to get paid, how they will feed themselves and the kids. What was painful to watch was being on LinkedIn and seeing the incredible amount of pain of those struggling like I was, often worse being out of work for months, some even years.

I will admit that I needed a break, hadn’t not take a vacation in over a year and a half as my previous role made it difficult to step away on the account I had clients to support, I often was not utilized fully, even bored at times, but content to be working , working with clients and doing what I feel I do best.

Its ONLY been 8 weeks, but I have gotten some good interviews with companies I wanted to work for, fine tuning my resume, interviewing and presentation skills. Most interviewers were impressed with my background and me as a candidate, but no job offer. I have gotten the typical auto decline e-mails, been ghosted by recruiters, and even coming to the point that a job offer was within reach only to be rejected. Looking for a job is a lot like sales, you get a lot of rejections and no’s before you get an astounding YES.

Hope has Come For New Opportunities

Although I have not been working, there has been light at the end, I got TWO great job offers on almost the same day with sizeable increases.  The two roles are very different as one is with a financial institution, and another is a utility company.

Although I haven’t started, I have been struggling with the thought that one of these roles would be rescinded by the company, even though there is no indication this would happen, it’s my brain overthinking.

I am hopeful I will not have to look for work for a while, but you never really know as some organizations tend to follow the trends, which is what I believe is happening in Tech. The job losses are not necessary, but tech companies have decided this is the time to cut the fat of their head count, leaving thousands jobless in an economy that is already in a recession.

What I found really helpful during this time is that my organization enrolled with an Career coach who helped me with my resume, provide resources on branding myself for the job market and finetuning my skills for interviewing and preparation.

For those going through a recent job loss whether a layoff, a firing or restructuring, these tips should help you get back on your feet.

Personally, I have found NOT spending 8 hours a day behind a computer applying for jobs, but be strategic in who I apply with, doing my research the company, the pay creating a targeted job search. Be patient with yourself, network, network and network and have a good support system and in time you will land that role putting you back on your feet. I know I make it sound really easy, but again this is not easy it takes time, diligence, maintaining a positive state of mind.

If you are going through a job loss, I encourage you to not give up, despite the difficulties, keep pushing forward for yourself and your family, which is our greatest motivators. We all love a comeback story, I can’t wait to hear about yours!

I wont give up on you, Hannes. Because i am strong! | Motivational quotes for life ...

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