I Was Fired From My Job, Now What?

Joseph Meyer

Getting fired is painful, one of those situations we all try to forget, but it happens. All to often we get comfortable in our jobs for those who work for an organization/company everything seems be going great and then suddenly you get a dreaded call “Can you stop by HR, […]

Caring for Family While in Uni

Joseph Meyer

Maintaining relationships can be tough, especially when you’re going to college, whether you are just out of secondary school or going later in Life. I personally had the privilege of living at home while at college, but it was incredibly difficult maintaining relationships not only because I always had a […]

Your Job Application Was Just Rejected, Now What?

Joseph Meyer

Applying for Job can be one the most stressful situations one will face in their lifetimes, the interviewing, the waiting, sometimes the testing to land that perfect role and then you get it, the dreaded e-mail. That dreaded e-mail that states so plainly very similar to this one: Everyone’s organization […]

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