The Importance of Self Care In College

While self care is important at all times in your life, it is incredibly important while in college. Self care is anything that relaxes you and allows you a moment to be in tune with your body. With all of the hustle and bustle it is important to have a strong self care routine in college. 

The Importance of Self Care In College: Reason 1 

You need a break

Most college students are taking 12-15 credit hours (full time), participating in extracurricular activities and building relationships. If you are not making self care a priority, you will find that you have an increase of stress, irritability, depressive episode or anxiety (or both). By taking a break, no matter how long, you will allow your mind, body and soul time to heal from the day. 

The Importance of Self Care In College: Reason 2 

You need to learn who you are 

Self care allows you to identify what triggers negative emotions or reactions within yourself. You may notice that you are more anxious on test days or irritable in class when you do not get enough sleep. By giving yourself permission to take time out for yourself, you will learn what you like or what relaxes you. You may find that you enjoy adult coloring or meditating! College is all about finding who you are,take the time to do so!

The Importance of Self Care In College: Reason 3 

It creates a habit

As with all things learned in college, you implement them when you join the workforce. When you learn which activity gives your body what it needs you can use it after a stressful day of work. Heck, you can use it after a good day of work! As I frequently say “you do not have to have a bad day to participate in self care”.

 When in college you will be less likely to spend excessive money on your self care activity/activities. The same habits you form in college you will continue when you begin working. For example, I rarely took breaks my senior year in undergrad and was frequently stress and having bouts of insomnia. When I began working, I had the same bad habits! It took a year to undo the bad and implement the good habits- which I still struggle with. 

So what can you do as a college student to practice self care??

Schedule The Time

As you schedule everything else- class, meals, and home visits- schedule your self care. Hold yourself to it! Just as it is important to go to class so that you receive the grade you want, it is important to care for yourself to be the best YOU! 

Have Go To Activities

There are many activities you can implement even on a budget! You can participate in anything that relaxes or nurtures you! See these activities for some insight!

Good luck on your journey! I hope it turns out to be easier with these tips!

3 thoughts on “The Importance of Self Care In College

  1. This is such a brilliant blog! I really found that having a good self care routine during my time in college made it so much easier for me to get through the gruelling study time. Thank you for sharing!x

  2. It really is important to make a habit of self care. I actually schedule it in now, especially taking breaks! I definietly should have done this more during my time at uni. Great tips and useufl advice 🙂

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