Seminar Preparation Tips

Are you in first year and still trying to get to grips with preparing for your seminars? Or are you in second year and still trying to figure it out? If so, read below for some of my top tips. 

Do your Work as Early as Possible 

Taking your prepatory work seriously and doing it as early as possible is extremely important. You’re paying for your degree, so ensure that you have a good balance between work and social life: it’s up to you what you leave university with. Doing your work as early as possible means that you do it with the best of your abilities and it will help you answer essay questions later on.


Creating notes on your reading each week will once again help you further down the line in the semester, as you’re giving yourself the most option you possibly can, in terms of picking essay questions or topics. Also, after studying at university for over a year now, I have found that hand writing notes doesn’t work for me, due to the volume of content I receive in an hour long seminar. During lecturers and seminars, I type my notes onto the Evernote app on my iPad; I bought a keyboard case for my iPad which also makes typing a lot easier. 

Further Research

Before or after your seminar, once again further research is vital to conduct. If you do it before your seminar, you will feel more confident to talk about the topic of your session to your tutor and classmates. If you do it after your seminar, you will be enhancing your understanding of the topic further.

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