Show Kindness Wherever You Can

You don’t see kindness a lot these days. Let’s change this. By being kinder to those around us, supporting those we can and just being nicer- we can all make a difference.

Try complimenting people randomly, or helping someone with a task that they may be finding difficult. Kindness is needed. We could all do our bit by consciously making an effort to be kinder.

Donate To Food Banks

Food banks have seen a huge increase in people having to use them. If you are in a position to, then please do donate to your nearest food bank. Drop-in cupboard items which can’t perish easily, things like pasta, beans, biscuits and tinned fruit.

You can also drop in things like shampoo, shower gels. If you’re not sure what to donate- then just ask. But if we all made this a regular thing, we would be helping the hundreds of people that have to use them.

Be More Environmentally Friendly

The other thing we all need to be taking care of is the environment. Look into ways in which you can help the environment. It could be as simple as switching from buying bottles of water to investing in a sturdy reusable water bottle. Many places now have refill stations.

The climate crisis is just getting more severe- so check your usage on things like lights and switches and turn them off when not in use. Try to reduce your use of plastics where possible. Eat less meat. There are hundreds of ways in which we can all make small and simple changes that will help the environment. Do your part and research them today.

Help The Homeless

This could be as simple as dropping your change into a hat when you pass someone that is homeless. Or perhaps you can donate some money or items to a homeless charity. Even donating your time to help out at a homeless shelter will help the situation.

We are all very fortunate to be in a situation where we have a roof over our heads, are out of this cold and miserable British weather and have food to eat. Show compassion and help where you can.

A change in government isn’t the only way we can change our future. We can all make simple small changes that help each other. Be kinder, show compassion, give to charities, food banks and help the homeless. And above all, take care of the world we live in.


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