3 Tips To Help You Cope When You’re Having A Low Week


Gayleen Hodson

07 October 2019 3 comments

This past week I have felt myself feeling the stresses and strains of every day life. I have to admit, life sort of got to me. I confess to shedding the odd tear, but after years of having anxiety, I have learnt to cope a lot better during these weeks. Here are my tips on how to cope when you’re having a low week. 

Turn to someone during your low week. 

It might seem like an obvious tip, but often we all feel too embarrassed or ashamed to turn to people when we are struggling. This shouldn’t be the case. Mental health is now being spoken about more and there is less of a stigma.

If you feel like you’re having a low week and struggling, one of the best anecdotes is getting together with a good friend over a coffee or a drink! By opening up to others, you are opening doors so that they can also come to you when they are struggling.

Invest in Self-Care.

During a low week, it is really important to invest in self-care. Find something that relaxes you and makes you feel pampered and go and do it. I booked in and got my hair cut and it really boosted my mood.

Other ideas could be; taking a relaxing bath, going on a run or a drive listening to music, taking time to enjoy a hobby or painting your nails. Maybe getting to the gym helps to boost your mood, or baking a cake.

Be Patient.

Just because this week is a low week, doesn’t mean next week will be. Sometimes we all face weeks which are more challenging than others, but be patient and ride through it.

It can easily feel hopeless when one thing after another keeps getting to you, but this won’t all be permanent. Life can and will get better.

Life is full of ups and downs, but as long as you are kind to yourself, patient, seek help and advice from others and invest in self care, you will soon learn to ride the waves of life. 

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3 thoughts on “3 Tips To Help You Cope When You’re Having A Low Week

  1. Emily Carter

    These are brilliant tips for when we’re feeling low! We all have times when we’re not feeling our best and it’s so important to be gentle with ourselves in these times. It’s okay not to be okay, but what’s not okay is not looking after ourselves when we’re not feeling our best. Thank you for sharing these tips, which I’m sure will help so many people!

  2. Jayne Harrington

    Brilliant tips, thank you for sharing. I always struggle to pick myself up if I’m having a hard week.

  3. Amy Jackson

    These are some great tips – such small things can make a big difference. I think when you’re having a low week it’s easy to be hard on yourself when you lapse with your routine but sometimes it’s important to take a well needed break, even if it’s just chilling on the sofa with a film and some snacks for the evening! x

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