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I hope they help you out! Thank you for reading

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Your welcome thanks for reading x

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Love this time of year, we have a family advent challenge that involves movies, food and games, can't wait to get started on the 1st December!

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I started my periods when I was 9 years old and I remember that crippling pain, I bleed heavy too. That subsided into my teens thanks to the mini pill, and then after I had my children the horrific pain restarted! It does seem to be settling down again now!

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Great post, it really doesn't cost anything to be kind!

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Such an important topic thank you for sharing, I've had mine!

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Lovely post, kindness really doesn't cost anything. I agree it starts at home and as a mum to three, I hope my children grow up to be kind, but as parents its our responsibility to teach them how to be kind! x

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Thank you for sharing, these are all lovely accounts x

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These tips are great thank you,my children are 3, 2 and 1 and it can be so hard some days to keep them all happy and entertained. I suffered PND after my second was born, and it can be so easy to fall back into that dark hole again. Now I just stay organised, ask for help if I need it and make sure I'm getting some time fr myself, to do things that I enjoy!

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I think its so important to have some time away from social media from time to time, even if its just a day or two.

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Wow, what a lovely way to see each new season! I really love autumn, getting all worm and cozy after a hot summer, there's just something special about this season!

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Lovely post, I find it so hard to fit some time for myself in with young children these tips will be really helpful thank you x

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Such a lovely post thank you, I always feel so guilty for not feeling 100% especially with three babies who need me on top form. I think its so important to remind ourselves that its normal to not feel ok all of the time.

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Brilliant tips, thank you for sharing. I always struggle to pick myself up if I'm having a hard week.

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I love autumn too, for me its the changes in colour of the trees and the chance to cook warm hearty meals!

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Great post, I've been trying to turn off my phone about an hour before I go to bed, and instead I've been reading more and I'm finally getting through my pile of books I've been meaning to read!

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I lived away from home for the first 6 months, I really didn't get on well, for me it was the noise. I was studying as a student nurse and we had 6 months in theory and 6 months in practice, where we would be out on the hospital wards doing shift work and I really struggled with the tiredness, I couldn't get enough sleep as University halls were pretty loud most of the time. I loved the rest of the lifestyle, but for me I had to move back home and travel in. I needed my sleep during those months were I was out in practice!

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Such a lovely letter, I love reading posts like this x

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These books sound great, I may have to add them to my list, thank you for sharing!

Commented on / Three Books You Won’t Be Able to Put Down

Brilliant tips, I'm so forgetful in the morning and normally always miss breakfast!

Commented on / No time for breakfast? Try this method in less than 5 minutes

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