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Alice Maher

15 October 2020 1 comments

In a world of false expectations and unhealthy competition on social media outlets, it’s so ridiculously important to be following people who will inspire, motivate and enlighten you. Find below my top Instagram accounts who have done absolute wonders to my feed!


Rosie’s content focuses on her day to day life. Covering her role as a mum to her little boy Robin, as a wife to her husband Chris Ramsay, her career and, all her thoughts on life. Throw in lots of random kitchen dance sessions and, down to earth thoughts on what’s going on around us. Rosie’s Instagram offers an un-edited reality of life. It’s raw, funny and a feed you could literally spend hours scrolling through with your girl pals with a glass of wine in hand. She is an absolute delight who makes you feel less alone with her honest nature. Rosie’s posts pull you down to Earth after all those posts of girls posing on swings in Bali.


I’ve adored Carrie for a long time due to following her theatre career. Carrie’s Instagram is perfect for any theatre nerds but, also for any young women who need a strong role model in their lives. Her posts highlight the beauty within the everyday. Each small thing is celebrated. Carrie is just a glorious human who through her brave and very open posts in regard to mental health seems to be like a virtual shoulder to lean your head on. Reading her posts I get that same lifting of weight when you’ve had a long chat with your friend in a coffee shop. I adore her, and you will too.


Yet another strong British female. Emma publishes content about her life as a mum to her two beautiful children. God, she is just brilliant. Every Friday she dances on your stories as she collects her Prawn Crackers for the weekly Chinese takeaway. Her posts on body positivity, are SO IMPORTANT. She never fails to put a smile on my face. An uplifting presence on Instagram who, is exceptional at putting life into perspective. Also, I would die for her mug collection and halloween decor- it’s beyond impressive.


A feed ran by Thomas Duke which documents his travels round the world to key locations seen within films. I’m a massive film nerd and take delight in seeing each post he puts up. I keep a collection of all my favourite posts of his in the hope that one day I will be able to travel to all these places myself and see it through my own eyes. For now, I’m satisfied with seeing it all through his lens.


Ran by the gorgeous Hannah Michalak (@hannahmichalak and the michalaks on youtube!!) the account is full of the renovation process at their new family home. Seeing her exquisite designs makes me want to skip straight to the point in my life where I have my own house. If you take the same amount of delight in renovations and interior design this is one for you!


I first discovered Britt on youtube. Britt is the most inspirational ladies I’ve found on social media. Britt was a teacher at Parkland High School in Florida and, survived the school shooting. The children she was responsible for and herself were affected to a traumatic extent. Her Instagram is a cosy nest on the internet. Britt truly does find the beauty in every day and will inspire you to do the same. Her journey to wellness and positive thinking is truly motivational. A calm place on the internet where you can rest your head.


Jonathan Van Ness, from Queer Eye. What. A. Guy. The key highlight of his Instagram for me, is the showcase of his determination to achieve. Jonathan documents his journey from being a novice at figure skating and, let me tell you that man WORKED. Watching someone put in the hours and perfect a skill is so motivational. It literally pushed me to take up a new skill at University this year!


I’ve admired Olivia for many years, for an abundance of reasons. Right now though, I am directing you to her Instagram purely for her wedding spam. I have never seen a wedding look so aesthetically pleasing or just so completely beautiful EVER. Every single post Liv has put up has caused tears prick my eyes. I mean each aspect of that wedding was a labour of love and, I promise you, you will delight in all of the pictures. It makes me want to get married right now haha! So pretty! Bar the wedding spam, Liv posts from everything to music to life updates to fashion to film choices. She’s also the founder of the @insecuregirlsclub another key account you need to add to your list. Liv is all about embracing difference, sharing different women’s stories and highlighting the importance of love and friendship between women.

I could go on and on and on listing each person on my Instagram feed, but I won’t for now. I reached a point in 2018 when my Instagram was making me feel so low about myself. Every time I logged on I was becomingly increasingly sad and insecure. At the start of this year I made the decision to wipe all of those accounts imprinting this negative mindset and, focused on people who motivated me. I want to be inspired by social media not threatened or lessened. I hope these accounts do the same for you!! Please leave me your top Instagram outlets in the comments below so we can fill our feed with only the good eggs!!

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