Christmas Day – Help! I need somebody!

Help! Not just anybody!

I’m hosting Christmas day this year for the very first time! Now if you read my last post, you’ll know that I’m not a total fan of Christmas. But I do love the family time and I love a big Christmas dinner, and a drinky or two!

So this year I said to my Mum (who usually hosts Christmas Day) that Nick and I would like to host Christmas for them this year (why did I open my big mouth?!). Luckily Nick is a chef so the food won’t be an issue (hopefully).

I think what I’m most concerned about is there being enough for everyone, and there’s a few family members that I haven’t been able to invite on the big day because our house isn’t exactly big! I’m worried they will feel left out. I’m most likely overthinking here, because they are coming to see us on the days around Christmas!

Why Host Christmas you ask?

A few reasons. 1. Nick doesn’t drive at the moment so I usually end up designated driver so I can’t have a drink and Chill!

2. we have three children under 4 so transporting them, and trying to keep to some sort of routine so we don’t end up with three overtired, overwhelmed toddlers is a military operation, so it will be easier if everyone comes to us!

Also both my parents are disabled and work full time, so I thought it would be nice break for them, they can just sit and chill with their daughters son in laws and grandchildren!

For so many years, I have seen my mum spending all day cooking Christmas dinner, and she misses out on a lot of the fun so really this is the best gift I can give her. To let her put her feet up and watch her family for a change instead of cooking all day!

Who hosts hosts Christmas Day in your family?

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