5 Tips To Improve Your Sleeping Habits


Jessica Lyles

06 October 2020 5 comments

Here you are again.

Tossing and turning, another sleepless night! You begin to scroll on social media, then turn on the television, and mind-numbingly watch Netflix. Suddenly, your alarm goes off and you realize that you have once again- had a sleepless night

You show the next day to class or work and can barely function due to your restless nights! Something’s gotta give! Maybe these tips can help:

Tip 1 To Improve Your Sleeping Habits

Set A Schedule

Be sure to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day, whether you have something to do or not. When you set a schedule your body and mind will habitually begin to wind down and drift around that same time each day. Be sure not to nap longer than 30 minutes during the day, or you will not have the need to sleep at your designated time. You will notice that if you begin this habit, it will not only help reduce your insomnia, it will also improve your quality of sleep.

Tip 2 To Improve Your Sleeping Habits


By exercising at least 3 days a week, you not only release your feel-good endorphins, but you also reduce stress and anxiety. For some, anxiety is the main culprit for not achieving adequate sleep, exercise, specifically cardio, could be a win-win. It is most beneficial to wake early and exercises, rather than right before bed since exercise increases adrenaline. 

Tip 3 To Improve Your Sleeping Habits

Be Careful What You Consume

If you drink or eat right before bed you could throw off your natural melatonin and impact the quality of sleep. It is okay to eat a snack or the like a few hours before bed as it could help you fall asleep faster. Do not drink caffeine! Although caffeine can have many health benefits, it is not beneficial to drink it near bedtime as it can stay in the system for 6-8 hours! 

Tip 4 To Improve Your Sleeping Habits

Set your room up for success

Be sure to set your temperature, not too cold or too warm, so you can have quality sleep. Increased body temperature could lead to waking multiple times throughout the night, be sure your temp is just right for you. Also, have quality pillows, comforters and mattress! Ensure that you exchange your mattress every 5-7 years for quality. It’s not just hotels that have amazingly comfortable beds, yours can- and should- be too!

Tip 5 To Improve Your Sleeping Habits

Go To The Doctor

Visit your primary doctor to ensure you do not have a sleep disorder or other medical condition that could be impacting your ability to obtain quality sleep. Over the counter medication, such as Melatonin or ZZZQuil, do not work for everyone. After, attempting a few tips, be sure to set an appointment with your doctor. Take precautions! Do not drive or anything else that requires concentration or focus, if you have not had adequate sleep in multiple days.

I hope these 5 tips work for you and you are able to get adequate sleep soon!

Have you had this problem before? What helped you?

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5 thoughts on “5 Tips To Improve Your Sleeping Habits

  1. One tip I use is “unplugging” a little earlier than normal. I find that really helps my mind shut down!

  2. Jayne Harrington

    Great post, I’ve been trying to turn off my phone about an hour before I go to bed, and instead I’ve been reading more and I’m finally getting through my pile of books I’ve been meaning to read!

  3. Emily Carter

    Brilliant post! I’ll definitely be trying some of these tips!

  4. I definitely needed to see this post! Over the past couple of years I’ve been good at not consuming anything with sugar after 5pm and it definitely helps me.

  5. Setting a schedule is something that I definitely need to work on! Great tips 🙂


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