Best Books for Mums!

I thought I would share my three favourite parenting related books, that I’m reading at the moment!

Calm Parents, Happy Kids

While many parenting books focus on changing a child’s behaviour, this book addresses the fact that children can only change when their relationship with their parents change.

Dr. Laura Markham introduces an approach to parenting that eliminates the need for threats, power struggles, bribery and manipulation techniques to get your child to behave. Instead she talks about setting limits, and parenting in a more empathetic manner, by using positive communication.

For me this book has been a real help, it has taken the stress out of my parenting. I was really struggling with my son’s behaviour (he’s 3). Markham sets out things we can do as parents to calm a situation down, explain what happened and try and resolve it, and in the long term create a nicer, more relaxed and hay environment for our children to grow up in.

I would really recommend this book if your struggling and finding yourself getting very stressed out with your child’s behaviour.

The Unmumsy Mum Collection

Both of these books are brilliant. If you like honest parenting stories then this is the author for you Sarah Turner writes about her life with her husband and her three boys. She documents everything, from the good to the bad, to the giggles and the tantrums.

Sarah has a way of articulating parenting in a way that a lot of parents can relate to. She has a knack of turning the worst of day/situations into a funny and positive experience for all involved!

Part time working mummy

Not going to lie this book had me in tears at points. Its a real honest account of her life, no hold backs. Rachaele shares her experiences openly and honestly and offers advice from what she has learn from her life experiences. Which gives the book a lovely positive feel to it despite her struggles.

If you feel like your struggling in relationship or motherhood, then have a read. It changed my outlook on a lot of things. I don’t know how she does it but she has managed to find the strength to shine some positive light on such a dark situation and it’s a truly heart wrenching story.

Enjoyed the read? Check out the main Need to Live website for more.

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