Date Night Ideas on a Budget

A date night doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s time for you and your other half to catch up, have some time just the two of you, to make memories and just have fun!

Sofa, movie and popcorn

This is a great date night if money is tight one month. Maybe you could watch that film you’ve both been meaning to watch for the last couple of months!

Simple inexpensive, and you both get to spend some time together, relaxing and unwinding.

Fish and chips along the river

Personally I love this date night, it gets us out of the house and its a relatively cheap night! The fresh air is good for the soul, and sometimes it’s nice just to take a walk, chatting about anything along the way!

Board game night

Monopoly anyone?

One of my favourites, and one that I would like to do more. We always get our favourite snacks in and maybe even a cheeky bottle of wine!

What’s your favourite board game?

Cook a meal together

Believe it or not this is a great date night! It’s one we do at least once a week on my other half’s day off. We tuck the kids into bed then set ourselves up in the kitchen cooking our favourite meal. Usually a steak dinner. My other half is a chef so he usually ends up doing the cooking while I sit at the kitchen side catching up with each other!

Of course it doesn’t have to be steak night, you could also make your own curry with all the extras!

Treat night

This can be something that maybe you can’t do very often because funds won’t allow.

Again this doesn’t have to cost the earth, pick one things to do. It could be a cinema date then a meal at home. Go ice-skating, or take a boat out on the river. You could even go out to your favourite restaurant for a change!

What is your favourite thing to do on date night?

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