Celebrating Autumn Rather Than Halloween

I’ve never celebrated Halloween. I’ve never really seen the point of it. Perhaps it stems from the fact that we were never allowed to do anything for it as kids. In fact, we were that family who’d be sat at home with blinds closed, lights off and doors locked. However, I’m thankful that my parents did that. It meant that on Halloween night, we could spend time together as a family, even if it was just watching TV- making memories that I would later come to hold so dear.

Although, there’s still a few Halloweeny/ autumnal traditions that I’ve grown to love over the years. That doesn’t mean to say that I’ve warmed to the world of dressing up, knocking on strangers’ doors and asking for sweets… I definitely haven’t! It simply means that there’s a few traditions that I’ve managed the separate out from Halloween and see as a fun way to enjoy autumn. 

Carve a Pumpkin

There’s something strangely fun about carving out a large hollowed out fruit. The design doesn’t have to be scary, you can be as creative as you wish to be. Last year was the first time I’ve carved a pumpkin and it was the most fun! Me and a couple of my flat mates worked on it together and I’ve honestly never laughed so much in my life. To say we spent so long carving it, you’d expect a masterpiece but, as you’ll see from the photo, it was a pretty sad attempt. P.S. bonus points to anyone who goes out and picks their own pumpkin rather than buying one from the supermarket

Jump in Leaves

You know that really annoying person who can’t help but jump in the massive pile of leaves? Yeah, I’m that person! There’s just something about the colours and the noise that draws me to them. I know it’s annoying for most people, but acting like a little child and jumping in the leaves brings so much joy. Give it a go, you’d be surprised how happy it actually makes you! 

Play Conkers

The oldest games are still the best! There’s nothing quite like tying a conker to a string and hitting someone elses all in the name of good, healthy competition. Also, just going to a park and hunting for conkers to play with can be a fun activity in itself. Why not make it into a competition of who can collect the most? 

I hope I’ve helped you to see how there’s other ways you can enjoy the autumnal/ Halloweeny season without having to join in with all the Halloweeny festivities. Are there any other autumnal activities you enjoy? I’d love to hear them! 

4 thoughts on “Celebrating Autumn Rather Than Halloween

  1. I totally agree with you! In my country, Halloween never was a big deal and I was doing it 1 or 2 times. Later I didn’t saw the point! But anyway, I love autumn! It’s the time when I am not carving a pumpkin but eating it, haha 😀 It’s time for apple pies and long walks trough colorful leaves! I am celebrating autumn every single year!

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