It’s all getting a bit too much – what do I do?


Emily Carter

09 March 2021 0 comments

“It’s all getting a bit too much! What do I do?” That’s a question I think a lot of us have asked recently. Bad news seems to be everywhere. At the moment, just 20 minutes of watching the news is enough to send people into a state of panic. The world is full of fear, and fear is no good for anyone. It’s no wonder people are saying that it’s all getting a bit too much for them. But, the good news is that there is ways that are ways in which the world can be made a little bit brighter.

Limit your news intake

Yes, the news is something we need to be aware of, but it isn’t something that we need to be constantly surrounded by. The last thing that anybody needs right now is a constant influx of more bad news. Turn off the notifications for news apps on your phone, you don’t need to have an instant update on what’s going on. I’d even go so far as to say, limit your intake of news programmes to once (twice at a push) per day. Too much exposure to the news can be nothing short of overwhelming. Panic sets in when we keep consuming the bad news that out there, give yourself a break from it all.

Make your social media a place of happiness

It’s important to have an intake of good news to counteract the bad. It’s crucial to have good news around us that reminds us that the world isn’t as scary as it currently seems. Social media can get a bad rep for making us feel a little down. However, there are people who use the platforms to highlight the good, rather than the bad. Here are my top accounts for filling your social media with happiness:


  • @the_happy_broadcast
  • @globalpositivenews
  • @charliemackesy
  • @thehappynewspaper
  • @artsyaffirmations


  • @PositiveNewsUK
  • @HappyNewspaper_
  • @BorrowMyDoggy (because who doesn’t want their twitter full of photos of cute doggies)
  • @BoringMilner (for all those who want a comedic take on everything Football- or the lack thereof. It makes me laugh if nothing else)

I don’t really use Facebook for much other then keeping in contact with friends but I’m sure there are lots of pages out there that share good news and happiness (if you know of any, please share them with me!!)

Keep in contact

Social distancing may be the recommendation at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that we should shy away from all contact whatsoever. Technology means that we have a whole range of communication methods at our fingertips, and now is the time to really be embracing them. My current favourite is FaceTime. Why do I love it so much? Well, it not only means that you get to have a conversation with someone but you can actually see them, thus making them seem not so far away. It’s important to keep in contact with others now more than ever, especially those that you know will be spending a lot of time alone at the moment. As humans, we’re made for connection and now really is a time that we need it more than ever.

Lots of little acts of kindness

Quite often, we can forget that it’s the acts of kindness we do that can mean the most to others. But, now is the time to really remember that. To quote the song… what the world needs now is love. Now is the time to be coming together in our communities to help each other out. Do what you can and use what you have to help those around you. Do you have a car? Then offer to run errands for your elderly neighbour. Do you have a family member or friend who is having to isolate? Then consider doing some online shopping order and getting it sent to them. Nobody has to do everything, but we can all do something to help make things a little easier. Do you know someone who’s a little down at the moment? Then reach out to them, remind them that they’re not alone and that they are loved by so many. Kindness really can make the world seem like a better place.

My sincere hope is that once you’ve read this you’re no longer left with the sense that “it’s all getting a bit much,” but you start to feel that “actually, there is good out there.”

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