Why You Should Broaden Your Reading Horizon


Gayleen Hodson

07 December 2021 1 comments

As a fanatic reader I have learnt the importance of reading different styles of genres. This is something I thought I would never have done ten years ago. Before I opened my mind to all types of literature, there was a time when I would only read horror/thriller novels. If you are like how I used to be, then let me help you find new worlds to get lost in. 

Finding new stories to read

There are millions of books out there just waiting for you to pick up and discover. With so much to choose from it can be difficult to decide what to read.

One thing I do, is a search on the internet for the top ten must read books. By doing this I have found some great pieces of literature, one of which is a novel that has now become a favourite of mine. The book is called Stoner by John Williams. It is a tragically beautiful story of an English literature professor who hoped for much more out of his life, but accepts how things are with dignity. It is a must read and I highly recommend it.  

Another good way to find your next new story is by using a ‘100 books to read’ scratch off poster. This list has fantastic recommendations for you to read. It’s also fun scratching the silver cover to reveal the image when you have finished the book you have picked. To purchase your very own scratch poster, click here.

Pages are better than the screen

Nowadays it seems that any new ‘best-selling’ books are being made into a movie or TV adaptation. This isn’t a bad thing so to speak, but I find more people aren’t reading the book. This is because they will just see it when it is released.

There have been some unbelievable adaptations over the years, with the likes of Harry Potter or To kill a Mockingbird. But like all adaptations, they miss certain details or then personal connection you get with characters. By reading the books you have control of what a character might look or sound like. You can create a whole world just by picturing what you imagine when reading the words from the pages.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t watch the adaptations at all, I love watching them and seeing how they differ from the books. It’s fun to pick out little references that people won’t understand if they haven’t read the novel. By watching the film first however, you lose all control and already know when certain things occur. Which for me, kills the emotions you get when reading it as it happens. The author (who would have spent a lot of time creating their story) will also appreciate it. 

Let me know if there are any books you have read that you thought you never would have, or if you have read Stoner. I’d love to here what you thought of it. 

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One thought on “Why You Should Broaden Your Reading Horizon

  1. Emily Carter

    I totally agree that everyone should broaden their reading horizons. I’ve just started to read a book that’s a complete different genre to what I’d normally read and I’m absolutely loving it! I’d have missed out on that experience had I not ventured out in what I read

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