10 Ways to Make Money


Acquania Escarne

29 July 2019 2 comments

As a student, I never missed an opportunity to make some extra cash. The money I made, helped me pay for groceries, a few fun activities, and books. If you are looking for ways to make extra money, look no further. Below is a list of several ideas to get you started.

Part-Time Gigs

  1. Become a baby sitter, house sitter, or pet sitter. People are always looking for a trustworthy person to watch what’s most important to them. Make yourself available, and you might find yourself making more money through referrals.
  2. Tutor others. If you are good at certain subjects, teach others what you know best. You would not only be helping someone, but you would make extra cash too. NeedToLive can help you!
  3. Sell stuff you don’t need. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. If you aren’t using it, sell it to someone who will. Start with selling your old books.
  4. Start your side hustle. If you have an exceptional talent or skill, do it a few times a week for extra cash. For example, you could create websites, edit papers, or walk people’s dogs. Start by posting what you can do on Fiverr.
  5. Become a virtual assistant. Put out an ad around town to help someone stay organized and do tasks they may not have time to do. The best part is a virtual assistant doesn’t require you to be in the same place as your boss.
  6. Show tourists the sights. You can sign up to become a tour guide, and have the pleasure of showing strangers your city. 
  7. Run errands for others. Help others take things off their ‘to-do’ list by signing up to do them through TaskRabbit.  
  8. Give your opinion. Get paid to take surveys and help companies improve their products and services.
  9. Start a blog. If you like writing why not write for others. A blog is a great way to share your knowledge and if you build up a strong following you could make money through affiliate marketing or ads. 
  10. Become an (extra) movie star. Movies and television shows are always looking for extras. Sign up to be a star or hide out in the background. Either way, you are making extra money.

These are a few ideas to get you started but don’t be afraid to explore new ones for yourself. 

What are some other ways you recommend students make money? Share additional ideas in the comments. 

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2 thoughts on “10 Ways to Make Money

  1. Emily Carter

    These are really handy tips! Money is really tight as a student and so these will help me to make a little bit of extra money and my budget stretch further. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amy Jackson

    These are some great tips, I wish I’d known some of them when I was a student! I earned a fair bit from doing online surveys which came in handy towards food shopping or the occasional treat. They took a while to mount up but if you committed to doing them regularly it was worth it!

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