#TellYourStory: My Top 10 Must Do’s This Winter


Emily Carter

14 October 2020 0 comments

I think by now, we all know that this winter is going to look a lot different to any we’ve seen before. Not being able to be with those that we love the most will be more than a little difficult for us all. But, all hope is not lost! Perhaps, this winter could still be memorable for all the right reasons. Whilst this winter may be different, it can still be wonderful. That said, here are my top 10 must do’s this winter!

  1. Go on an adventure! Nothing beats the feel of the crisp air in your lungs as you set off on a lovely winters day walk. The sparkle of frost, the crisp crunch of the grass beneath your feet, what could be better. Not only that, but it’s free! We often spend so much money on winter activities when one of the best ones is completely free! Plus, just think of all the cute photos you can get in your hat and scarf. Take a thermos with you, wrap up warm and get out there.

    Go for a winter adventure in the shimmering frost!
    The great outdoors is just waiting for a winter adventure!
  2. Put the phone away! The world isn’t going to implode if your phone isn’t constantly glued to your hand. So often we miss so much of what’s going on around us because we’re only focused on the digital. This winter, make it your mission to put the phone down and focus on what’s going on around you. Really spend time cherishing the moments you share with people, without rushing to post it on social media. Perhaps, this winter is a chance for us to really focus on being present.
  3. Shop local! This winter, more than ever, the temptation to do all your Christmas shopping online is real. But instead of “adding to cart,” why not get out there and support those small businesses that really need it. You could even make a day of it- go round local markets and small businesses near you and get gifts that people will really love, whilst supporting others in your local community. Amazon doesn’t need your money, but local businesses do.
    'Tis the season to shop local
  4. Think small! Whilst we’re on the subject of gifts, this year really narrow down those that you want to give a gift to. So often I, like many others, have fallen into the trap of thinking that I need to get a gift for anyone I’m going to see in December. Christmas shouldn’t be about spending lots of money- it should be about telling those you love just how much they mean to you. This year, why not buy smaller, more meaningful gifts for those that you love? It’s about extravagant love, not extravagant gift giving.
  5. Stay connected! As winter drives us to spend more and more time inside, we can begin to feel isolated. This year, make it your resolve to stay connected to people, even though you may be apart from them. There’s so many fun and creative ways to do this! Why not become pen pals with a friend. Or even start a YouTube channel in which you tell your friend about your day (think Tom Fletcher’s ‘Dear Carrie’). People need people- we always have and we always will- so, this winter, make sure that you stay connected to those you love the most!
  6. Be kind to yourself! Often, winter can leave us all a little bit down in the dumps. The cold weather, the dark mornings and shorter days somehow manage to leave us all feeling a little worse off (there’s probably some science behind it, but I’m not going to even pretend I know what it is). When you have those days when you feel a little blue, please please be kind to yourself. Do something that makes you feel good; whether that’s taking a bath, reading a book or going for a walk.
  7. Eat and drink what you like! It’s a truth universally acknowledged that winter treats taste so much better than regular ones. Don’t let anybody make you feel bad for enjoying them. If you’re a lover of pumpkin spice, then drink it until your heart is content- don’t let the haters get in your way. There’s so much to worry about this year that what your eating and drinking needn’t be on the list. If you enjoy it, let yourself have it. Anyway, a little of what you fancy never hurt anyone!

    pumpkin spice and all things nice!
    Pumpkin spice and all things nice!
  8. Let others live how they want! Let’s face it, we’ve all been guilty of judging others for what they chose to do with their lives. But this winter, let’s all resolve to be a little kinder both with our words and with our thoughts. If you don’t want to know what someone is up to, then that’s exactly what the unfollow button exists for. Stop stressing about the choices of others and your life will be much simpler!
  9. Read a book! All the extra time inside does not mean extra time for watching Netflix (be honest, we’ve all watched more than enough this year). Why not take the extra time inside to expand your horizons and read a new book. Maybe escape to another world with a good story. Or perhaps you could expand your knowledge with a non-fiction book. Whatever you read, make sure it’s something you enjoy!
  10. Remember what matters! This winter, you don’t have to have it all. It doesn’t matter that you wont be going to all the parties, Christmas Markets and the likes. What does matter though is love, joy and friends. Make those the focus of your winter. Love deeply. Spread joy wherever you can. Hold your friends dear. It’s not about the lavish parties, but the laughter shared during a snowball fight with your family. It’s not about spending as much money as you can, but loving as many people as possible.


Well, that’s my top 10 must do’s this winter! Why not #TellYourStory and share some of yours with me in the comments below!!

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