10 quick self care tips to improve your life

Self care is an important part of life and one that most people don’t make enough time for. Whether their excuse is “I’m just too busy to make time for it” or “I simply don’t know where to start with self care,” for many self care just isn’t a priority.

Below I’m going to give you 10 quick and easy self care tips so that you don’t have any excuses other than to make self care a priority.

10 quick self care tips

  1. Unfollow anyone who doesn’t inspire you, encourage you or enrich your world view. There’s enough negativity in the world without your social media being negative too.
  2. Make sure you drink enough water today. You can’t look after yourself if you’re not hydrated!
  3. Read a book that interests you. Make it one that you’ll enjoy, not one that you think will make you look smart. Reading can be a brilliant form of escapism.
  4. Change you bedding. Fresh sheets are a great way of looking after yourself and making sure you get a good nights sleep.
  5. Make time for your family. Even though you may be far away from them, give them a call. There’s nothing like a good natter with your mum to make you feel better.
  6. Spend an evening pampering yourself whilst watching a film. It sounds so simple but there’s nothing like taking a night to yourself to just relax.
  7. Start to get everything you need for the morning ready the night before. You’ll get extra time in bed in the morning and you won’t have to run around and risk forgetting things. It’s worth taking the time to do this and saving yourself the stress in the mornings.
  8. Stop getting into arguments in your head. You never know how the situation is going to turn out and you’re just stressing yourself out needlessly. Trust me, it’s really not worth it!
  9. Eat a balanced diet. As students we can often fall into the trap of eating pasta every night but you’d be surprised how much better you’ll feel when you eat well.
  10. Treat yourself! A little retail therapy never hurt anyone! You can find all the best and most exclusive deals here!

These are my quick self care tips. Do you have any more? If so, share them with me in the comments below!

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