3 Tips To Help Calm Your Worries

If you suffer from anxiety, it can be difficult to squash those worries and be positive. They can become overwhelming, and at times heavy. Here are 3 tips that can help you calm your worries.

What is Worry Time?

One of the best tools and coping mechanisms I ever learnt was ‘Worry Time’. Throughout your day, every time you worry about something, write this down on a piece of paper and then turn your attention back on what you were doing.

Set aside 10 minutes of ‘Worry Time’ a day to go over what your worries are. This way you are not wasting your whole day worrying and you can do it in a more practical and useful way.

Know The Difference Between Your Worries.

Know the difference between a practical worry and one you can’t do anything about. This is a hypothetical worry. When you have your worry time, split the worries into these two categories. If you can’t take practical steps to reach a goal with worry, then it is a hypothetical one.

Spend a couple of moments dwelling on this worry, then throw it away. You will find that over time, these worries reduce significantly. You realise that you survive each day with these worries and that over time, they may even disappear entirely.

Set realistic and manageable goals and tasks with practical worries. Perhaps you are worried about a presentation. Break down this worry into goals and tasks, such as writing the speech and creating a PowerPoint, practising in front of the mirror, practising in front of a friend. As you accomplish each step, you reduce the worry drastically.

Do this with all of your practical worries and you soon find practical ways to deal with your worries as they arise. You become more of a problem solver than a worrier!

Remember Tomorrow Is A New Day.

Tomorrow is a new day. What is weighing down on your shoulders tomorrow, will be that bit lighter tomorrow. Turn to your friends and family, share your worries and they will instantly feel lighter. Over time, you realise what is worth your worries and what is not.

So next time you are consumed with worries, try the above tips to see if they help. Also, don’t forget the power of turning to someone. A problem shared, is a problem halved.

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  1. These are such handy tips. Especially having set time for going through worries- I lose so much of my day to worrying so this will be such a handy tool! Thanks for sharing!xx

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