My Autumn Fashion Must Haves

Emily Carter

There’s a number of things I love about autumn. The slightly chillier weather providing a reason to snuggle under a blankie on the sofa, the crisp leaves, the impending sense that Christmas is almost here. But perhaps, above all else, what I love most about autumn is the fashion.

Here’s my autumn fashion must haves…

  1. A black turtle neck: a wardrobe staple at this time of year. It can be paired with nearly anything #winner
  2. A plaid pencil mini skirt: perfect for those slightly warmer autumn days and way more stylish than jeans!
  3. A chunky jumper: ideal for when it’s getting a bit nippy out and it means you can forgo the coat (for now at least)
  4. An infinity scarf: trust me, they’re so much cosier than a regular scarf. Wearing one will change your life- and that’s a promise.
  5. Knee high boots: paired with the right skirt or dress they can take your outfit to the next level. Thank you boots!
  6. Alice-bands: let’s face it, the autumn rain means our hair is going to live in ponytails so we might as well glam up the up-do a bit. An alice-band is an easy way to take your average ponytail from drab to fab!

Fancy treating yourself to some new clothes for autumn? I’ve got your back and have all the best discounts right here! With brands such as Pretty Little Thing, Boohoo and New Look, there really is something for everyone. Happy shopping!!

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