The Power of Vulnerability

A vulnerability has been coming up in every single area of my life recently. No matter where I am, people are talking about being vulnerable. It’s made me really have to stop and reconsider the power of vulnerability.

I used to think that vulnerability was a weakness

I never wanted to be in a position in which I would be vulnerable. For some reason, I believed that it would make me appear weak. That it would put me in a position where people could lord things over me. However, vulnerability takes great courage. It takes great guts to be seen for who you really are.

But why does it take courage?

(Forewarning: I’m about to get all linguistic and a little nerdy here so hang on in!) Courage actually comes from the Latin word ‘cor’ and it originally meant to tell the story of who you with your whole heart. How cool is that!! So that means that vulnerability is having the courage to be imperfect. To be who you are. No airs and graces. Just be authentically you. Will it be comfortable? No. Will it be worth it? You bet it will!

It’s important to find the people who you can be vulnerable with

You don’t have to go around letting everybody see every single area of your life. But having a group of people with whom you can be vulnerable with is so important. It’s important to have people with whom you don’t have to say “I’m Gucci” to when actually you’re more like Primark that day. People with whom you can just be open and honest about where you’re at with. Vulnerability helps you go deeper into a relationship with people; as you get to know people on a real level, without a facade.

Vulnerability is the birthplace of amazing things

Not only does vulnerability create deeper relationships, but it also allows for a whole host of other amazing things to develop. Brené Brown, who researches vulnerability, points out that vulnerability is the birthplace of joy, of creativity, of belonging and of love. You see, however uncomfortable vulnerability may make us feel, the benefits of it are so so so worth it.

I’m still working on vulnerability

I’ve seen the power of vulnerability. I know just how amazing of an effect it can have in our lives. But that doesn’t mean that vulnerability doesn’t scare me any less. I’m working on being vulnerable with the right people. It’s certainly not comfortable, but the fruit makes it so worth it. I’m learning, that maybe, vulnerability is an art and it takes practice. It’s a heck of journey learning to be okay with being vulnerable.

This blog was influenced by conversations I’ve had recently and after watching Brené Brown’s TEDx Talk on Vulnerability. It’s definitely worth a watch!!

2 thoughts on “The Power of Vulnerability

  1. Really interesting post, I didn’t know the root of the word courage, it really makes you think. And it’s so true that vulnerability does not equal weakness. Vulnerability can open us up to meaningful relationships and a greater understanding of ourselves.

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