Why I’ve given up on New Years resolutions


Emily Carter

02 January 2020 0 comments

Get more organised. Eat healthier. Buy a gym membership and actually go. Read for pleasure more. Every January 1st we set ourselves goals like these and by January 14th (or there abouts) we’ve already given up on them. That’s part of the reason why I’ve given up on New Years resolutions.

New Years resolutions are usually big

Typically New Years resolutions are big. They’re the bigger changes that we want to make in our lives. For me, that’s the reason that I quit before January is over. I gave up on New Years resolutions when I realised that I’d be much more successful if I set myself a series of smaller goals. Having smaller goals makes them feel much more achievable, making you less likely to give up on them; plus, you get to celebrate your victories along the way.

Changes can be made anytime

It always baffles me that people wait until January 1st to decide that they need to make a change in their lives. I gave up on resolutions because I got fed up of waiting to make the change. As soon as I see something that needs changing about myself, I’d rather resolve there and then to do it. There’s no need to wait for January 1st, make the change whenever.

Whether you do resolutions or not…

This year is a new chapter in your story. Let this be the year that you start a new adventure. Let this be the year that you give yourself a new level of grace.

Happy New Year!!

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