My Goals This Christmas Time.


Gayleen Hodson

13 December 2019 1 comments

Christmas is on the way. The tell tale sign for this is the Coca Cola advert being on TV. This is by far my favourite time of the year. I love getting the home looking festive and we do lots of advent activities with our children to make the season extra special. So, what are my goals this Christmas?

Taking A Proper Break.

Being self-employed is exhausting and I am essentially, a one-man band. The last few months my life has been incredibly hectic. So, the most important goal I am putting in place is to take a proper break. I have been emailing my clients, letting them know that I intend to take 2 weeks from work over the Christmas holidays.

Now, at university, this is harder to achieve. But I would still recommend trying your best to block out a few days when you switch off entirely from university and work. I always had deadlines in January. I would recommend trying your best to work on these before the Christmas break, getting them almost complete. Then take a few days off before getting back to them and completing.

This is the best time of year to take a break, as many people, businesses and education establishments take a well deserved Christmas and New Year break. Then you can begin the New Year ready and refreshed.

Watch As Many Christmas Movies As Possible.

Bit of an odd one, but I never make the most of this during Christmas. I never allow myself to do anything proper Christmassy until 1st December. Then I never do anything after 2nd January. This includes listening to Christmas music, wearing Christmas clothes or watching Christmas films. So this Christmas time, I am going to make the most of it by watching as many Christmas films as possible.

I will also listen to all the Christmas music. I am basically going to get as Christmassy as possible. What are you favourite Christmas films or songs?

Spending Quality Time With Loved Ones.

Life seems to temporarily stop at Christmas time. This gives you the perfect chance to catch up with your loved ones. Go for a festive tipple with friends, spend Christmas day with your family. Pop in to see Grandparents.

For me, Christmas this year will be focussed on my amazing family; my parents, siblings and my husband and children. I can’t wait to put my phone away and spend some quality time playing family games with them all. My goal is to cherish these moments and make the most of them.

Forgetting Lifes Worries.

A huge goal of mine this Christmas, is to forget about the stresses of life. It is easy to get overwhelmed and stressed about the seemingly never ending list of tasks I have to complete each week. But I am determined to press pause on it. I am not letting the stresses of everyday life get in the way of my festive mood.

It’s a difficult goal- because let’s face it, worries face us each and everyday but it’s an essential one. What better time to focus on the positive elements of your life, then when you have sparkling lights, warm festive tipples and Christmas everywhere you go.

What are you goals this Christmas time? What do you plan for your time off work or university?

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One thought on “My Goals This Christmas Time.

  1. Emily Carter

    I love this list! So often we can get wrapped up in the gift giving of Christmas that we forget to be intentional about how we spend our time. I love that you’ve created a list of your goals to make sure that you’re more intentional this Christmas season!!

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