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I've watched GBBO since it made the move to Channel 4. I enjoy it but can't help thinking that Matt Lucas isn't the right choice for co-host.

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I really need to learn not to feel guilty about putting my own wellbeing first. Thanks for sharing.

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Some great choices - Nickelback aside - and I'm totally with you on being stuck in the 80's, 90's and 2000's. I guess everyone tends to have the best connection with the artists and songs that they listened to growing up.

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I thoroughly recommend trying this recipe from Ainsley Harriot. I made it after seeing it on his programme last week and it is absolutely delicious.

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I always found Facebook to be the most negative and pressurised of all the main social networks. There's far too much pressure to be friends with people that have long since left your everyday life or distant family members that you have no real interest in. I ditched Facebook 6 years ago and would never, ever go back.

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I am unashamedly a total introvert. I'm perfectly happy being at home, just doing my own thing.

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One that my partner and myself are often asked is "When are you going to have kids?" Honestly, what business is it of anybody apart from us? It's the equivalent of asking "Are you having regular unprotected sex?"

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Ps5 for me. If I can ever actually get hold of a pre-order that is!

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I completely identify with this. I'm at home all day and I find that I have to plan my day around certain activities or I'll just end up spending the morning in bed scrolling through Twitter or watching YouTube. For example, I always make sure that I'm up and dressed by 8am. I spend an hour on housework between 8 and 9am and then commit to being sat at my laptop ready to write for the morning by 9am. Then, once lunch is out of the way I reward my self by doing things that I enjoy such a gaming or reading, safe in the knowledge that I haven't just wasted half a day and have actually achieved something.

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Work should never, ever be the sole focus of your existence. It sounds like you were right to question why you were doing what you were doing and make the changes you needed to help you cope. I hope things are better for you now. I quit my job three years ago after the stress and anxiety created by the role caused me to suffer a breakdown. Since then I've started retraining to become a professional writer. So it's never too late to make a change.

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Excellent piece. I think I spend less time on social media these days compared to when it was still a relatively new concept. I've been on them all over the years. MySpace, Facebook, Bebo, (Remember that?) amongst others but these days I stick to Twitter and occasionally Instagram as I find them to be the most productive. I'm still guilty of reaching for my phone and scrolling absentmindedly the moment the adverts come on television though!

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I'm totally with you on Matt Haig. Both 'Reasons to stay alive' and the follow up 'Notes on a nervous planet' are essential reads. Even for those without experience of living with a mental illness. His fiction is also well worth a look if you get the chance. Might I also recommend 'The self-care project' by Jayne Hardy?

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Great post. Unfortunately though no matter how well you argue or how respectful you are during a disagreement or debate, if the other party doesn't share the same skillset and refuses to open their mind to your argument then there's very little you can do apart from keep your dignity.

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I think I'm possibly in the minority but I actually prefer the autumn to the summer. I always find summer to be just 'too hot' and largely unbearable, especially at night. I love long autumn walks, comfort foods, cosy evenings snuggled up in front of the telly and of course the build up to the festive season.

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Agree with everyone's choices. I'm a huge fan of Yankee Candles and some of the seasonal scents that they bring out around this time of year totally reflect the feeling of being all snuggled up inside when it's cold, wet and horrible outside.

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I'm all for saving money, although I'm not particularly good at it. I guess I'm the sort of person that prefers to 'live for the moment' rather than wait for a day that might never come. Does that make sense? When I do splurge it's usually on clothes or books. After all, who doesn't love a trip to Primark?

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