What Does Autumn Mean to You?

Autumn is the signal that the summer is over and winter is approaching. Many things are ending but there are many brilliant things on the horizon. What does Autumn mean to you?

Autumn is the signal that the summer is over and winter is approaching.  School is back in session.  New seasons of television shows are starting.   And leaves will be changing colors.    It’s a time of much change!

The Endings

While Autumn is the beginning of many things, let’s not forget it’s also the ending of a season as well.  Summer, a beloved season by many, is ending.  Gone are the hot days, summer thunderstorms, and fun light attire.

While this year was not the norm for any of us, typically a lot of us travel quite a bit in the summer. Seeing new places and enjoying new experiences.   Whether it’s a vacation to a new location or just time spent further exploring our current locale, it’s often a time of fun and frivolity.  With summer ending, many of us put a halt on our vacations until the holidays.

The Beginnings

But let’s not dwell too much on the endings for so much fun is also beginning.   It’s time to bring out our fun fall colors, whether in home decorations or clothes.  In short, it’s time to change things up a bit.

One of the beauties of Autumn are the colors changing on our trees.  From brilliant reds, to oranges, and everything in between, it’s fun to see the foliage change each day.   Eventually these same leaves scatter down to the ground in an interesting array of color.  Magical to the eye.

Autumn also triggers the start of a new school semester for many students.  New classes, new teachers, and most of all homework is on the agenda again.  It’s a time for learning new things and perhaps even finding a new passion!

Autumn is also the time that many television shows start their new seasons.  Many of us have been sitting on cliffhangers for months and have been waiting for this moment.  It’s a time when our evenings are filled with good television to break up the work week.

And… let’s not forget the unforgettable:  the weather.  The weather goes from warm to gradually more and more colder as we approach winter.  While we aren’t in the midst of the chilliest days, we know they are approaching.  Winter can sometimes be a hard season for many, shut in the house more and less sunshine to brighten our days.  Given that, Autumn is a great time to start new projects to cheerfully carry us through the upcoming winter doldrums.

What does Autumn Mean to You?

What endings come with it for you?  New beginnings are on the horizon.   How do you plan to spend your Autumn?

39 thoughts on “What Does Autumn Mean to You?

  1. Great post. Autumn and Winter are not my seasons. Having said that, I’m trying to ramp up the seasonal decor in my home to try and get it as cozy as possible – especially since we will be spending so much time at home.

  2. Autumn means it’ll soon be my birthday followed by Halloween. I just wish I was born on Halloween, that would make my horror loving heart a little bit happier

  3. I absolutely LOVE the colours of autumn! We took a trip up north camping this year in mid to late September just in time to watch the transition happening while we were there. I LOVED it! It was almost like as the leaves changed, it helped to clear my mind of negativity and find peace again. We have already booked again for next year!

  4. Autumn is my favourite season! It’s actually my middle name, too. I love that it does feel like an end – the end to summer and that phase of the year. But I’ve always thought of it more as a beginning with the start of school, cozy weather, etc. I love this time of year!

  5. I absolutely love autumn! I do enjoy the lighter evenings of the summer and miss that when it ends, but I thrive surrounded by the beautiful colours, warm clothes and cosy feeling that autumn brings! Great post, it’s made me so excited for the upcoming season!

  6. I love autumn every year, the colours, the weather, that feeling of everything starting to get a little bit cosier. But I’m especially looking forward to it this year. After the year of being somewhat forced to be inside, I’m really looking forward to the colder months where that’s exactly what I want to be doing x


      1. Very positive post for Autumn. Fir me, it dies usually have that ‘back to school’ sensation as though it’s now back to real life after the summer. My birthday is in autumn and so I do look forward to the season and to watching the vibrant colours in the leaves and it’s also a nice time for a trip abroad whilst it’s not too busy.

  7. I love this! This is probably my favorite time of year. In Florida the weather is so nice, football season is going and my anniversary is on the 5th! Such a great time of the year. This summer has included a ton of inner work and personal transformation. I am excited to go into this new season a new person.

  8. Great post! I was pretty bummed this summer as it was the first year where I was unable to explore and travel to a new place! Autumn has given me a new outlook and I’m trying to just stay positive and go with the flow! Definitely not looking forward to the winter weather though!

  9. I love fall and for me it means a new start. Although it’s not a new year, I coinside a new start with the beginning of the school year. I’m also a massive lover of halloween and, soon, I’ll be getting married among it all!

  10. Oh I love autumn so much! I love the changing seasons. And I love how it gets cooler and the leaves change, It;s my favorite time of year!

  11. I never liked autumn, but everything changed after I moved to Germany. Here autumn is magical! Warm, colorful, and beautiful. Here are many small towns and medieval sites to explore during the autumn season and I have fallen in love with autumn like never before! ♥ All I needed, was to change the place of living.

  12. Autumn to me equates to coziness! I’m sure it’s the same with lots of people, I only wish I didn’t live in Singapore where it’s Summer all year round, I’m sooo tired of it.

  13. I love that Autumn brings a whole different vibe. You know that it’s time to settle in and enjoy the cozy weather. I love the transition into the holiday season. What better way than kicking it off with Halloween?

    Nancy ✨ exquisitely.me

  14. I think I’m possibly in the minority but I actually prefer the autumn to the summer. I always find summer to be just ‘too hot’ and largely unbearable, especially at night.

    I love long autumn walks, comfort foods, cosy evenings snuggled up in front of the telly and of course the build up to the festive season.

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