It’s Okay to Splurge

In times like these, when extra stress is upon us, I think splurges are warranted, don’t you? Do tell! How do you splurge?

If you are anything like me, you are pretty conservative with your money, saving it for a rainy day or an occasional very small splurge.

In times like these though, when extra stress is upon us, I think bigger splurges are warranted, don’t you?  First, most of us are saving money in one way or another due to this pandemic.  Whether it be through spending less on gas, clothes, or nights out, we are saving money.  So why not take some of that extra money and treat yourself special?

While it’s a great time to keep saving for when we are “free” again, I think it’s also definitely worth being extra kind to ourselves during these stressful times.  So, what is a splurge?

You Tell Me!

As I said, I’m relatively conservative so a splurge to me is anything that is not a necessity.  It could be a good book, a candle, or expensive take-out.  For others, it’s new outfits or even redecorating their house, whether it needs it or not.  All are great options!

Whatever the splurge, enjoy it to its fullest!  These are tough times and we need the perks and lifts that splurges give us now more than ever.

Share the Splurge

Want to take it one step further?   Take a few moments to think about your friends and loved ones.  Is someone in your circle likely to be feeling a little down right now?  If so, I’m sure they would love to have a little kindness sprinkled their way.  I know when it happened to me a few weeks ago it not only made my day, it made my week!   It doesn’t have to be extravagant or lavish.  It simply needs to be from the heart!

What Have You Been Doing to be Kind to Yourself and Others Lately?

Have you enjoyed any fun splurges on yourself?  Have you shared the love with another?  I’d love to hear about your splurges – and maybe gather a few new ideas for us all!


22 thoughts on “It’s Okay to Splurge

  1. I agree this is the time (if one can afford) to splurge on yourself or others. One thing we’ve learned is that life is precious and time is to be cherished. Now is the time to be good to yourself and to others we love.

    1. Lindsay it sounds like you definitely deserve a treat. Being a mom is tough work. As rewarding as it it, a little treat here and there is well deserved 🙂

  2. Love to splurge, I usually do it on travel but since that’s not possible at the moment, I would say there’s been a couple of more take out purchases than usual. Just a nice treat to get the food all done, and ready to eat :).

  3. I’m all for saving money, although I’m not particularly good at it. I guess I’m the sort of person that prefers to ‘live for the moment’ rather than wait for a day that might never come. Does that make sense?

    When I do splurge it’s usually on clothes or books. After all, who doesn’t love a trip to Primark?

  4. I’m not a splurger because I don’t like clutter and I don’t want to own a load of stuff I don’t really need. But when I do want to treat myself, it’ll usually be to a takeaway or a meal or perhaps a day out.

  5. I’ve been treating myself here and there, and it definitely boosts my spirits a little. I ordered a few things for the baby yesterday, so I’m excited to get that!

  6. I needed this kind of messaging right now! We’ve definitely been splurging more this year and saving less which has been weighing on us because we have a lot to save for BUT with all of the stress and drama of 2020, it’s nice to be able to buy a few luxuries to take our minds off it for a bit. For me, it’s been books. For my husband, he’s been buying faulty computers and games consoles and repairing them! (Something he only learnt to do earlier this year while on furlough!)

    Completely agree that it’s more than okay to treat yourself! 🙂

  7. Sometimes you just need a good splurge, don’t you? If I have my eye on getting something, I will leave it a while to see if I actually need or want it. If I still have the desire a while later, then I will make the splurge. Also, love the idea of splurging on others…love giving away handmade items to my friends and family.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

  8. I feel like it is okay to splurge once in a while. It is good for your health if it is under control. The last thing you want is to worry about money. I try to be mindful about splurging.

    Nancy ✨

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