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Love the whole idea of reading. Glad to see some books like these to add to my reading list this summer!

Commented on / 3 summer reads every young adult needs to read this summer!

Love this story. Just goes to show that if you truly want someone, you can make it work. Happy for you guys! <3

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Commented on / She Doesn’t Deserve You … Really?

Great post! I love how you view fear as either something to help you keep yourself in check AND as a motivator for doing something new and out of your comfort zone. Really mature way of using fear not letting it control you.

Commented on / Fear: Motivator or Showstopper?

Absolutely. Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Commented on / Christmas in Retail

I like to just think of one or two things I want to get done that will change my life in a fundamental way. Nothing earth-shattering or mind-blowing. Usually one of two gets done and I'm okay with that. Love your post!

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Thank you!

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Reading this while munching on a batch of Christmas cookies... I'm hopeless. :p

Commented on / Holiday Treats or Defeats?

Nice article on how young entrepreneurs can get the jumpstart by creating their own business. Doesn't mean it will turn into a Fortune 500 company, but the skills learned from doing EVERYTHING by yourself as you start your own business will be invaluable.

Commented on / 53 business ideas to start at university

Asking for help is sometimes the best way to make friends. 🙂 Love this article.

Commented on / The Value in Asking for Help

I feel like I should do more of these. 🙂

Commented on / Last Christmas – Not Your Ordinary Christmas Flick

Love this post. Yes, kindness can do wonders. I think back to a time when I was going through a tough time and needed someone desperately to talk to. A co-worker happened to be swinging by and spend the next ten minutes of his time listening to my problems. Helped lifted a weight off my shoulders and I was able to work through the rest of my shift with a smile 🙂

Commented on / Top 5 Reasons To Be Kind.

I love this post and one-hundred percent agree! I actually leave my credit cards at home on my days out so that I'm forced to stop and think when I "want" to make a purchase. Rather than just tapping the card on the scanner and thinking "Oh. That was just $10... I'll pay it back," I'm forced to think, "Well, I only have this much on hand … is it worth it?" Again, love this post.

Commented on / Credit Cards in College, Yay! or Nay

Netflix is good! I actually have to struggle to get myself to "focus" on the show I'm playing or else my mind just keeps wandering off to work. Oh well, baby steps :/

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That's awesome. I've never been to England. Aiming to change this down the road 🙂

Commented on / What’s Your Day Off?

I have to admit, I'm one of those people who watched the movies before reading the HP books first! Currently on the 6th one and am enjoying it much more - especially with the more in-depth details - than the movies.

Commented on / 5 Books You Won’t Be Able To Put Down

They are. And the odd thing is that the more risks you take, the more they seem less like risks. 🙂

Commented on / Moving Forward

A really helpful blog post on budgeting while still allowing some time to relax and have fun! Thanks for this - especially the TasteCards which I did not know about. 🙂

Commented on / Budget Entertainment Ideas

Loved this post! <3

Commented on / Dear Fourteen Year Old Me…

Agreed. Self-care cannot be overlooked. It's funny, but there are days when before I go to bed, I purposefully flick something on Netflix and let myself unwind before going to bed. This way for me, I get to destress a bit and it helps!

Commented on / 5 Easy Self Care Tips

I love this article! It's funny how you mention the '2 year' period of time as that's exactly the same amount of time I give myself to find out if there's room for growth or not. For me, if I can't grow myself, then I can't learn something new, which means it's time to move. Again, love this article. 🙂

Commented on / Discovering Your Life’s Purpose After College

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