Diary Entry – November 27th, 2019 (What to do?)

Joseph Huang

It seems I haven’t settled on a particular set of topics or things that I want to write about in these blogs. All the better as I’m having a blast exploring the different avenues.

So, what’s this diary entry about?

Over the past two months, I’ve been seriously considering changing careers in my life. I’m a passionate story-teller and have been searching high and low for a literary agent who can represent a manuscript that I’ve slaved on for the past couple of years. The thing about getting an agent is that having little or no prior published works makes for a difficult hunt. Ninety-nine percent of agents want people who have had prior published works.

Never mind that, though. I’m currently employed as a general manager at a retail chain over here in Canada. I love the job, and I love the people I work with. What bugs me the most is that deep down, I feel like I can do so much more. There are whispers in my workplace of moving me to the next level, simply because I demonstrate a lot of skill and potential.

This also has me asking: What is my potential? Which then gets me thinking that I have a lot of potential! I don’t know what I’ll be, but I do know that I’m standing right at a crossroads in life where I can either zing or zang. I can stay and move up the corporate ladder in my workplace, or maybe I can be more … though I don’t know what necessarily entails. Should I play it safe and stick with where I’m having success, or should I take a risk and shoot off into the unknown?

Either way, it feels like I can’t move forward until I make the decision. So, this is why I’m writing this diary entry. A few months from now I want to remember what I felt when I was faced with this decision.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll be on my way to being a best-selling author, or maybe I’ll be an assistant manager?

Who knows? The only thing I do know is to be patient. This is a decision that can’t be rushed , even though it’s driving me insane day and night.

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