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Paul Madassery

12 October 2019 2 comments

Since moving to London I realised that entertainment can be really expensive. These expensive can really add up and leave you with a bad surprise when you check your Online Banking the next day…

I came up with a few budget entertainment ideas that will not break the bank and will keep you busy during your weekends!

Why not have a picnic

If you live near any green areas or parks you have a great space that you can use during those sunny Sundays. My tip is to cook up some food at home and bring it all to the park, along with some friends or family.. there you have it, a great picnic that will provide for a low-cost day out and a very fun thing to do (weather permitting).

Get smarter

A great thing to do on a day out is to visit museums! They are especially good for those rainy and gloomy days where you don’t feel like staying outside. I know it may sound a bit boring but nowadays there are loads of different types of museums that cater to everyone’s taste. From jaw-dropping dinosaurs to abstract paintings and culture there are types of entertainment to suit everybody… and best of all, many great museums are completely FREE.

Have a good laugh

Comedy nights are a great thing to do at nights if you are a little tight with cash. There are many free comedy nights especially in London, many of them have a voluntary contribution if you enjoyed the show. I think it is a great way to have fun with some friends and listen to lesser know comedians. If you are in London make sure you check out Angel Comedy!

Embrace weekday nights out

Weekends can be quite expensive since this is the time when most people have free time and get to go out. A unusual way to save some cash but still enjoying yourself is to consider shifting your days out from weekends to weekdays. Another little tip is to go out for lunch rather than dinner, most restaurants have different menus (and prices) for lunch and dinner which makes going out a LITTLE earlier a LOT cheaper. Another great option is snagging one of the many Dining Cards available which give you discounts on many restaurants. A very famous one is Taste Cards which gives you access to 2 for 1 meals in many restaurants. You can get a 3 MONTHS FREE TRIAL HERE from the Need To Live store.

Final words

Living on a tighter budget does not mean giving up all social life and entertainment! I hope I managed to give you a few ideas on how to spend your free days without worrying too much about how much it is going to cost.

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2 thoughts on “Budget Entertainment Ideas

  1. Joseph Huang

    A really helpful blog post on budgeting while still allowing some time to relax and have fun! Thanks for this – especially the TasteCards which I did not know about. 🙂

  2. Gayleen Hodson says:

    A very helpful blog with great ideas! As a family one, we joined the National Trust for just £10.50 a month for 4 of us but we can go to these as much as we want! You make your money back by the 4th visit to somewhere. We’re now just enjoying free days out!

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