New Year’s Resolutions?!

New Year’s Resolutions: Are they effective? Absolutely. Maybe not? It really all depends on you and your intentions in setting them.

Are they effective?  Absolutely.  Maybe not?

It really all depends on you and your intentions in setting them.  Are you setting aspirational goals?  Are you setting goals that you steadfastly want to achieve by year-end?   Or are you creating a wish list?

Whatever your desires are, I think it’s always a great idea to create some sort of guidepost for yourself for the year.  It helps you set the direction for the year, create opportunities for accomplishments, and it generates moments of success. 

Without them, we often can go through the whole year in a passive state.  Letting our life live out without really living it.   While easy to do, many may not find it as fulfilling as it could be.

But where do you start?  Here’s how start:  I start with buckets:  career, personal, relationships, and then a big catch-all bucket for whatever else I want to achieve.  

First, for my career goals, I determine where I want to be in a year from now.   Often, I will set mini-goals within my resolutions to help from being overwhelmed with some of the more challenging resolutions.   For example, if my goal was to find a new job, mini-goals would be to create my resume, set up job alerts, etc.

For my personal goals, these really can range from personal traits I want to improve upon during the year to things about myself that I want to completely eliminate from my day-to-day.   I also always include a January – March “bag-a-week” goal here where each week I recycle, donate, or toss a bag of items that I have accumulated that are no longer important for me to keep.  It’s sort of a beginning-of-the-year cleansing.

For my relationship goals, I re-evaluate all my relationships.  Which ones are still positive relationships in my life? Which are the ones I want to dedicate more time to?  Which are the ones that I’ve let slip by the wayside that I need, want, to give more attention to?   And, lastly, are there any that are bringing negativity into my life that cannot be turned around?  

Lastly, there’s my catch-all bucket.  I will admit this bucket includes everything and anything.  It has included big purchases to make for the year all the way down to buying snakeskin boots (I still haven’t lived that dream yet, but someday!).  

I hope that whether you choose to make resolutions, goals, or a wish list this year that you find this coming year to be one of your most amazing ones yet!

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16 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions?!

  1. Very helpful article on how to go about achieving your goals for the new year! I definitetly agree with creating buckets. It will make achieving goals alot easier. ????

  2. Great post! Thank you for sharing! It’s such a good point that there’s a big difference between goals and wishes. I think that’s where people often don’t follow through with the resolutions they set for the new year. A wish doesn’t carry the same weight or level of commitment as a goal does. Happy New Year! I hope you get your snake skin boots! ????

  3. Time to connect my personal and professional goals and name a good new year’s resolution.

  4. Great way to make achievable goals. I prefer to set mini goals with action steps to achieve them. But I start with at least 5 bigger goals that I break up into mini goals.

  5. I like to just think of one or two things I want to get done that will change my life in a fundamental way. Nothing earth-shattering or mind-blowing. Usually one of two gets done and I’m okay with that. Love your post!

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