While You’re Waiting for Love…

While you’re waiting for love ā€¦ don’t. It’s taken me a long time to learn this simple fact.

Too often we get caught up in trying to find true love ā€¦ or even just love. We walk down the streets with our eyes glancing to the left and right hoping to catch that “special someone” who will magically turn the grey skies into wispy rainbow clouds. We go to work hoping that a certain someone will take notice and start showing interest. We hope. We try. Nine times out of ten, we fail.

Waiting for love, what’s the secret?

Don’t wait for love. Work on yourself. Use the time that you have by yourself wisely. If you are single, then that means you have the freedom to take risks without worrying about the repercussions they’ll have on someone else. You can, for example, move around from province to province, exploring the world and broadening your knowledge of the myriad kinds of people.

Most importantly, you have time to get to know yourself. It’s happened before that two people start dating at a young age and eventually reach an age where they grow up and grow apart. If you’re still single and in your early or mid-twenties, then take it as an opportunity to fully know and understand yourself. Define who you are, not in relation to someone else. Stand proud alone and others will be proud to stand by you. Understand your strengths and weaknesses, because that will help you understand that special someone just a little bit more. Recognize your value and the value you can contribute to life so that your future partner will recognize it as well. Push yourself to new limits so that you’ll have the satisfaction of being someone who is always evolving.

Every step you take to improve yourself will lead you on the path to love.

Now in the meantime, don’t overthink it. Don’t worry that every single action you take is leading you down a path every day. In truth, it is; but you can’t worry about that. You can’t spend your tiny bit of single life wondering if sipping your coffee at the table a bit longer will be the turning point between a bachelor’s life and blissful marriage. You can’t fret over the fact that you saw a lovely person boarding the aeroplane to New York and you never had the chance to make eye contact. If it’s meant to be, it will be.

So, work on yourself. Find new horizons. Learn to love everyone around you even though there are days when you feel that no one loves you. Trust me. When you’re ready, love will fly to you.

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2 thoughts on “While You’re Waiting for Love…

  1. There’s so much truth in your writing. Loving oneself before another person is so very important, and more people need to know about how to fall in love with themselves. Great article!


  2. This is exactly what I needed to read today. I learned not to put my life on hold waiting for love but I just needed to hear another person to say it to make sense of it. I’m enjoying working on myself and making myself better for whoever I end up with. Thank you for sharing. I shared this with some of my friends.

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