The Value in Asking for Help

Let’s face it, asking for help sometimes can be tough.  It may feel like we are admitting that we don’t know something that we feel we should.  Or perhaps we are nervous that someone will laugh at our question.  Or be bothered by it.

The reality is actually quite different.  Most people LOVE to be given the opportunity to help another person. In fact, they cherish the opportunity to share what they know, mentor another person, or even save someone the time or effort they spent on a similar issue.

So why do we still hesitate to ask?  Perhaps it’s human nature to want to go it alone. Figure it out by our own will and wits.  To not admit “defeat.”   But there’s working and there’s working smart.  By utilizing all our resources, including our peers and colleagues, we aren’t just working, we are working smart.

Now of course, we never want to go the route of bending the rules on project by utilizing resources that have been prohibited. Sometimes part of a project is to struggle a bit.  After all, our biggest learnings often come from our challenges.  In these cases, the rules rule!

Assuming this isn’t the case, let’s focus on working smart.  And by that, I mean asking for help when help is needed.   Not being shy or hesitant, but rather go forth with confidence and ask informed questions from those that can assist.   By advancing our work through asking for help when needed, we are learning not only the skill at hand, but the value of working diversely and the powerful skill of collaboration.


Through working with others who come from different backgrounds, talents, and skills sets than ours, we are being given the opportunity to learn innovative new ideas and solutions that may just not be in our own wheelhouse.  It broadens the scope of our learning and our own toolbox, so to speak.  We can feel a gain like this not only on the project at hand, but projects down the line.


The skill of collaboration is one that is universally utilized, whether at school, work, or in life.   Being able to “play nice,” share your talents, and communicate your ideas to others toward a unified solution comes into play every day.  The better we can flex our communication style so we can create an effortless experience for those in our group, the more effective we can be at sharing our ideas and facilitating a solution. 

Plus, collaboration is a two-way street. That’s actually the beauty of it.  Just as others are learning from what we bring to the table, we get the chance to learn what they have to offer as well. Win-win!

So, if you find yourself hesitant to ask for help again, think about the benefits of working smart, the value in diversity, and power of collaboration.  All can help us advance from point A to point B not only quicker but more smoothly.  And we may even find ourselves with a whole new group of people to add to our network along the way!

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35 thoughts on “The Value in Asking for Help

  1. I must admit I’ve never thought of asking for help as a form of working smart and collaboratively, that’s such a good tip, Lisa, thank you for sharing 🙂 Lisa

  2. That is a really good insight! I agree with not wanting to bother others when you need help. But putting it forward in a way that helps both parties is a good idea and doesn’t make the other person feel like they are having to do a burdensome thing by helping someone! Great job😊❤

  3. It’s so true that asking for help can give you a much wider outlook and a more collaborative approach to something. I suppose we all feel a little bit defeated needing to ask for it but it can be so beneficial x


  4. I’ve worked for mental health and substance abuse charities on the front line, so I really know the value of asking for help, but I still rarely ask for it myself. Something I’ve really got to work on, which your post has reminded to do

    1. I’m glad you found the post to be a helpful reminder 🙂 Thank you for sharing your comments!

  5. I think asking for help may be considered hard, for myself included, because we feel we have to be strong enough to go through everything on our own. The best thing is how willing people are to help others – even if inner us tries to convince us that no one will help.

    I definitely agree with you – our biggest learnings often come from our challenges. We definitely learn a lot more of ourselves after we accomplish a challenge.

    Working with others through a challenge is also one of the best ways to continue to learn and grow in a different way, and as you mentioned just as you’ve asked for help and are learning from someone they are also learning through you too.

    Great post!

    1. Thank you for your kind words and insights Sahara! I too find it hard to ask for help but never regret it when I do (and then wonder why I still find it so hard to ask for help!) 🙂

  6. Such a good topic to discuss! So many people (including myself) think it’s so hard to ask for help and feel like we all have to do it by ourself while it’s so good to get another point of view and some advice from others. Thanks for sharing!

    Melissa | Rosy Melissa

  7. This is so true, great advice! I love being asked for help and as soon as I realized that everyone else does too, I was able to work collaboratively with a lot more people 😃

  8. I’m with you. I love helping others! I am still working on the asking for help part. I keep reminding myself that it’s okay to ask for help and that the people I ask feel good about helping me just like I feel good about helping them. It’s a work in progress for me, but I am getting better at it!

    1. It’s a bit of a work in progress for me too Sherry but it’s always so rewarding when I do!

      Thanks Sherry!

  9. Great post! I was brought up to not ask for help, and that part of life is figuring it out on your own, so I became an independent woman. I do love the power of collaboration in making it an easier journey and a win-win for all involved. Communication is key! Thank you for sharing!

  10. It’s always a matter of hesitation to ask for help for anyone including me. But you have shared some eye opening incredibly great and new insights! I will keep in mind the work smart and collaborative mindset next time I need any help. It’s good not to beat yourself up if you cannot do something and just ask for help. Great post. Thank You so much.

  11. I totally agree, we shouldn’t be ashamed in asking for help. We should use it as a helpful societal tool. And we’d be more than happy to help others too I’m sure!

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