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Shark Week, hehe how cheeky!! My mood swings are HORRENDOUS during my 'shark week', I end up crying about everything! So silly what it does to us isn't it! xx

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Nine??? Oh you poor thing I bet that was horrendous! Hope it has subsided for you!! Must have been awful having them return after so long!xx

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How do you find the coil? I'm on the pill currently but, don't know if I want to be on it forever! I've heard so many horror stories about the coil, what's your perspective on it?xx

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Ah this was really comforting to read, my only relationship has been long distance. We're a year into living apart (due to me being at university), it's nowhere near as difficult as what your situation seems to be but, it is really challenging! It's comforting to hear another story of personal experience! Hope the four months aren't too bad, I cannot imagine how rubbish it is at times xxx

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I love grabbing my boyfriend and heading off for a food date or if, we have the time, heading on the train to explore a brand new city! We visited Newcastle next week and had the best time!

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I think if we’d met sooner we would have gone to university together! But, James is the year above me and we met just a month before I got accepted!! Often wish that sometimes we’d met just those few months before!! I love that you’re both married now! Makes me excited for the future haha, I feel like university is a key milestone to get through together xx

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Oh Amy, this is such a lovely response and exactly why I felt it was so important to publish this post! It's comforting to hear that other people had a strikingly similar experience, it makes me feel much less alone!! Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, it's made my day! So happy you were able to push through and get that degree, wonder woman!! xx

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Thank you for such a kind reply Emily! xx

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So so true!!! It's so easy to get swept up in the chaotic nature of freshers and workload that you spend no time for yourself!x

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So lush to here that all your bonds got stronger when you moved away!! I have to say, mine seems the opposite. My mum and I have always been close- that hasn't changed. The long periods of distance are hard to handle and, I've found that being home for summer it's just not quite the same and it's been so hard to handle! It's just so bizarre when you come back and everything that was once familiar isn't anymore!xx

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Still not had chance to catch Kathy Burke’s documentary, this has made me set a reminder to watch it tonight!!

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