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Alice Maher

25 October 2019 0 comments

Instagram is notorious for it’s many advertisements trying to flog you an evolutionary makeup product or the most expensive leggings that will ensure you a Kim K bum. The question is: how do you distinguish the scams from the real deals? I regret to say that on many occasions I have fallen down the Instagram product rabbit hole and, see myself as an expert to guide you through that journey.

Back in June Instagram introduced me to the ‘TLM Colour Changing- All Day Flawless Foundation’. With an SPF 15 and a promise to offer me a ‘lit from within complexion with a perfectly flawless finish’- I was hooked. The subsequent videos of many different women trying the brand and, being mesmerised by it’s colour changing ability completely sold me.


The product ranges in retail price (depending on the supplier) from £3 to £15- do not fall for the first price you see. Stay smart and price match. The product is worth more than a mere £3 but, I does not warrant a loss of £15.

Unfortunately the delivery process was LONG. For me, it was a good two to three weeks wait. Waiting an extended period of time resulted in a panicked state of mind. I was certain I’d been scammed out of £15- a large sum when you’re on a student budget.

As for the packaging, it wasn’t anything to rave about. However, seen as this is not a high end product, do not let this put you off. The foundation itself is held in a clear bottle with a white and silver lid. The product is white giving the appearance of a moisturiser thus, teamed with the white layout of the bottle it has a very clean, pristine look.


The key advertisement for TLM’s foundation is that it’s ‘colour changing’. It appears to be a white, creamy liquid but, when applied to skin it adapts to the colour. A chameleon foundation. It’s this uniqueness of the product that draws people in, the top audience likely being women who struggle to find their perfect shade within the drugstore options available to them.

On the front of the bottle it states that it’s an ‘all day flawless, lit from within complexion offering a perfectly flawless finish’. Flawless twice within one sentence. A big promise. Huge.

Again on the back the product reiterates the final look it will offer. ‘Fights the sign of make-up meltdown. A luminous complexion, looks freshly applied all day long. Lasts up to 16 hours’.


Unbelievably the key selling point of the product does work before your eyes. My natural complexion is rather pale and, as the product is white I was concerned it wasn’t effectively working when it blended into my tone. My mum however, has a very tanned complexion. Putting the product on her skin, it changed it’s state and suited her perfectly also. 9/10 for this element of the foundation. Although, I would love to hear from women who have an olive or slightly darker complexion- does it work perfectly for you?

As for an all day flawless finish…I’m not sure. It really does not offer any sort of full coverage. For a no makeup-makeup look, this is the perfect product. Personally I like to add a bit of colour to my face and, have a fuller makeup coverage. Therefore, I opted to use the product as a primer. Using it as a preliminary base I saw much better results. Not only did it offer a fuller coverage but, really did add a luminous effect to my overall makeup look.


It has to be a DEAL. I scraped my last little bit of the product out of the bottle a couple of weeks ago and, I really miss it in my makeup bag. If you miss it- you know it was a good un. As I said, I prefer this product as a primer/first base as opposed to a foundation. Also, I would refuse to pay £15 again for the product. There’s plenty of alternative suppliers with lower prices much better suited to the quality of the product and, to my student budget bank account!!

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