Book Club | The Librarian of Auschwitz

Alice Maher

‘We’re in Auschwitz. What do you want me to do? Take out life insurance?…

‘In a place like Auschwitz where everything is designed to make you cry, a smile is an act of defiance’.

This book.
Trying to find words to summarise just how powerful this narrative is is beyond any ability I have. All I can say is that you must read it. I thought I knew a lot about the happenings at Auschwitz but this book shined a whole other light on the mass fatalities and, undefiable strength that took place within those barbed wire walls.

The resilient nature of the young protagonist Dita in her commitment to survive is awe inspiring. I’ve never read anything like this book. Antonio Iturbe brings back to life the memories of Edita Kraus’ imprisonment with such intricacy you find yourself immersed into that bleak, cruel world that so many were made to suffer through.

The descriptions weigh heavy on your mind and in your heart. It’s hard to fathom that what you’re reading is the true experience of so many. It’s gruesomely distressing. It’s tough but, you’d be a fool if you weren’t to read it.


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