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Alice Maher

21 October 2019 0 comments

Bit of a chunky blog post this one, I’ve crafted for you my ultimate autumnal watch list. From cinema trips, to old film classics, to TV shows or the ultimate Netflix binge- it’s all below.

CINEMA | currently seen

IT Chapter Two | 6/10

The Autumn season calls for a good old scary film. It’s just standard. You can’t not go to the cinema within the months of September-November and not see a horror movie. Personally IT, did not give me the scary film satisfaction I needed. It’s traditional Stephen King horror filled to the brim with mind tricks, gore, violence and personal trauma. The film carries on with the theme of each character battling their own inner demons. It brings with it some jump scares but, the main things aimed to scare- just don’t bother me. Not one bit. Actually found the key horror moments rather naff- I mean the old lady in the house?!? (weird AF).

The truly terrifying moments for me happened within the first 20 minutes of the film. IT II opens with an extremely graphic homophobic attack followed by a scene of domestic violence and a suicide scene. All three of which had me squirming in my seat and completely traumatised. On a happier note, my favourite part of the whole film was the characterisation. These characters man. The friendships portrayed seem raw and genuine. That nostalgic atmosphere their reunion brings has you sat reminiscing on those pals that got you through those tough childhood years. You fall in love with all of them and for 2 hours you get to relish in that feeling of complete nostalgia of childhood friendships. Also, if you’re a big 80s era fan you will adore all the easter eggs within the film.

Downton Abbey | 8/10

Oh Downton you have my whole heart. Autumn is cosy season and you will not find a cosier film within cinemas at the moment then Downton Abbey. If you were a fan of the series, the moment that film begins it’s a warm hug from old friends. Hearing that theme tune I transported back to Sunday evenings sat in front of the tv cuddled up with my mum, having a cup of tea together. Truly splendid. If you’re a true Downton fan- you cannot fault it.

Of course if you went to see this with no prior love for the series- you may think differently. Of course it’s laughable in parts with how daft the script can be. Don’t forget the many many slow motion shots of people cutting the grass or serving dinner. It’s not the best film in the world. It’s naff but, I mean…it’s Downton. Adored it.

CINEMA | upcoming

The Goldfinch

I read this book over the summer and my god it’s good. The definition of a page turner. The story follows the life of young Theo after the traumatic death of his mother in a terrorist attack in NYC. Through a series of circumstances he ends up in the middle of the criminal underworld and has to battle his way through. It’s a real personal story of trauma, guilt, internal conflict and depression. The film has a stellar cast and I just hope they do the book justice.

A Midsummer’s Nights Dream (National Theatre Screening)

Only being shown in select cinemas across the UK, National Theatre are screening their summer production of the classic Shakespeare production starring Gwendoline Christie. This play received so many hit reviews over it’s run, I avoided all spoilers of their interpretation in the hope I’d be able to watch it at a screening later in the year! For theatre fans, this is an unmissable opportunity. Try get your tickets sorted now, they’re selling out pretty quickly!

Netflix | currently seen


I mean, it’s all in the title of the series. This limited series tells the true story about an utterly unbelievable serial rape case within America. It is heartbreaking. I’m warning you now- you will be distraught with anger and grief for these women BUT, it is a necessity that you watch this show. The central arc of the show depicts one of the victims (a young, vulnerable girl) being dubbed a liar by authorities. I really don’t want to say too much because, it really is a programme you need to experience for yourself. It’s tough going in places (in terms of how upsetting the content is) but, stick with it. The actors within the show tell this story with such raw emotion. It’s the best series I’ve watched this year.

Gilmore Girls.

‘I smell snow’. Nothing says autumn to me, then sticking on Gilmore Girls. I’ve watched and re-watched this series a countless amount of times. The cosiest programme that can only be watched snugged up in bed with a hot chocolate. I want to live in Stars Hollow- such a perfect little town. Also autumn hails the start of a new academic year and, nothing gives me more motivation then watching Rory Gilmore work her little butt off in the show.

Netflix | watch list

Peaky Blinders.

Bit late to the party but this is my next series to binge watch. Coming back to university it seems every single person I talk to is watching this show at the minute. Tis the season for nights tucked up in bed from 8pm onwards (or is this just me) and thus, the perfect season to binge watch all the series’ you aren’t caught up on. I’ve been warned that the show is on that same gory and brutality level of GOT but I think I need that in my watch list. Truly believe there is nothing better than a gritty drama during these crisp, cold months.


As I said, I just love a gritty drama. Especially in the colder seasons, i’m not sure why, autumn comes around and I just want all the thrillers/crime dramas. I actually know nothing about this show but, have heard only good things from people watching it. Plus, I believe it stars David Tennant and that’s good enough for me. I miss Broadchurch a ridiculous amount so anything with David Tennant as a police office- chuck it at me.

TV Shows | currently watching

Strictly Come Dancing

It’s the countdown to Christmas guys. Don’t think there is anything I get more pleasure out of then sitting down and watching Strictly every year. I never get bored of watching it. I love every single thing about it and just wish with every bone in my body that I can be on the show one day. Favourites so far are Chris and Karen and, Kelvin and Oti. (let me know yours!!)

Great British Bake Off

Autumn really is the season for the best of British TV. The fact Henry is from my own university and studies the same course as me has made this series the most exciting yet. Bake Off is just wholesome weeknight TV that is mandatory to watch with a vat of tea and, an endless supply of biscuits. Our whole uni house are bake off fans and, we’ve agreed to take it to the next level next week with baking our own treats. I know it’s only a baking competition but I literally spent the whole episode shielding my eyes and jumping constantly like I was watching some boxing final. It was that stressful. You can’t not get invested into the programme, it’s addictive.

TV Shows | to watch

World On Fire

Again, another programme I don’t know too much about because I’ve been avoiding any spoilers. World On Fire takes the BBC1 9pm slot throughout the pivotal Autumn months. On that premise alone I’m taking the assumption that this show is going to be absolutely brilliant. The trailer gave me that same feel of similar shows that have taken that title slot: War and Peace, the Les Mis adaptation. I’ve gathered it’s a drama set within the midst of WW2 Britain. The scale of the production looks huge and i’m so excited to start watching.

Killing Eve

I’m a massive fan of this programme and, have watched the majority of season 2 BUT never got to the end. I know- how insane!! I love to have shows to watch with my boyfriend, we love finding something we can both look forward to watching together. We’ve just finished watching Gavin and Stacey (A CLASSIC) and now we’re looking for something more thrilling. So, I believe we’re going to go all the way back to series 1 and binge watch the entire thing. Jodie Comer is just incredible. I’m utterly obsessed with her and, if you haven’t watched either series yet (are you under a rock?) you need to, solely to watch this young scousers’ unbelievable talent.

FILM CLASSICS | fit for autumn

Do you ever have those staple films that you always have to watch at certain times of the year? If I watch them at any other point of the year I feel so strange…maybe it’s just me. Anyway here’s a quick fire list of some my favourite films that always have to be watched in the autumn months!

When Harry Met Sally

Classic Rom-Com. Perfect for a cosy film night with your friends and a glass of wine.

Caspar the Friendly Ghost

One of my favourite childhood films, a perfectly harmless halloween classic. Anyone else have the biggest crush on the human Caspar??? I sure did.

Hocus Pocus

Bette Midler is an ICON. That’s all that needs to be said. Oh- and I fancy the human version of the cat…

Sleeping With The Enemy

Julia Roberts trying to escape and start a life away from her domestically abusive husband. It’s got that perfect amount of romance as well as pure crap your pants thriller moments.

Some Kind Of Wonderful

Another 80s rom-com. Teenage romance. Perfect for when you’re looking for an easy watch after a busy day.

Halloween Town

A Disney Original CLASSIC. I used to get so excited every single year when Disney Channel used to stick this one on. Did you know that the actual film location town still does a big Halloween festival every year- WITH THE BIG PUMPKIN. It’s on the bucket list to go! I still check Disney Channel each year to make sure I get this one recorded. Think it’s time I get myself a physical copy though!


My mum first showed me this film years ago around this time of year so it’s mandatory to watch it every year in October. God- it’s one of the saddest films to ever exist. It’s another 80s classic and another Bette Midler feature. It’s just one of the best films of all time. 100% one to watch with your mum or you ultimate bestie. (Get lots of tissues).

Hope you’ve been able to get a chunky old watch list together throughout reading this blog post. If you’re after anymore of my recommendations drop me a comment below or contact me via my instagram!! As I’ve said a MILLION times- autumn is the season for watching everything and anything. So, please absolutely block up the comments with all your recommendations- no matter what genre drop them below, really want to check them all out!!!

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