4 Important Things to Remember in Your Student Routine


Georgia Dalton

12 September 2019 1 comments

Are you starting university in a few weeks time? Below are four things you should remember to do, especially in your first few busy weeks of term. You can thank me later. 

Keep Hydrated 

Keeping hydrated is so important in your daily life, but it is even more important to remember in your first few weeks of university, as fresher’s week and settling into your studies means that you might forget little things such as this. Drinking water keeps you healthy and ready to face the next few busy weeks of your life. There’s nothing worse than getting headaches when you’re busy; it’s the last thing you need when you’re starting university. Drinking water will be able to help combat them.

Keep to your normal routines

At university, sticking to your normal routines, such as making sure you look after your skin or keeping fit will firstly, give you some stability in your life and secondly, will make you feel confident about yourself. Eating healthily, drinking water and working out especially will make you less likely to catch the dreaded fresher’s flu if your immune system is on top form.

Take time for yourself 

Taking time for yourself is also very important. Student life is very busy and hectic, from lectures and assignments to nights out, so it’s difficult sometimes to find time when you can wind down. It’s important to actually find time to relax. Make sure on nights you don’t have a social event or university work, you watch a film or TV or do something to chill out.

Be organised from the start

I can’t emphasise this enough! Being organised from the beginning of your degree makes everything so much easier. Buy some folders to keep your lecture handouts tidy, finish off those seminar notes you would normally leave until tomorrow and then end up forgetting about. By the first assessment period at Christmas time, you will be so glad you’ve done that!

Good luck at university, especially for your first few weeks!

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One thought on “4 Important Things to Remember in Your Student Routine

  1. Alice Maher

    So so true!!! It’s so easy to get swept up in the chaotic nature of freshers and workload that you spend no time for yourself!x

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