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Alice Maher

06 December 2019 1 comments

Guys. December is almost here. It’s so close I can almost touch it!!! Yet, I’ve still got 4 essay deadlines, presentations, lecture notes, blog deadlines, applications to send, housing contract to sign, seminar prep all left to do! I’ve got 14 days left of this term, 2 weeks today I’ll be packing my suitcase for home. It’s so so close. Yet, this is the point where I struggle most. I know a month at home is so near that, I’m starting to slip in motivation. I’m itching to go back, that i’m stopping enjoying myself. Knowing you’ve got only so many days left, the stress of your workload triples. So if you’ve got those end of November slumps, read on for my top tips for powering through!

Don’t Overdo It

I have a little voice in my head that likes to occasionally squawk 14 days left at me, on average about 56 times a day. Knowing the countdown to end of term is on, my workload is bringing me so much extra stress because I just have to get it done on time. All of a sudden the hours seem to be slipping away and those deadlines are getting nearer and nearer. It is so easy to committing yourself to start working ridiculous hours. I know that it isn’t healthy to be working for 22 hours yet, my brain is telling me it’s necessary. It is not necessary. You have time. You have plenty of time to get your work done. Don’t make yourself poorly by trying to rush through it all, your health is just as important as essay deadlines. Take time in the evening to unwind, get a good sleep and start again feeling fresh the next day.

Time Management

It’s about making the most of those working hours of the day. Chuck the phone, block off social media sites, get a to-do list and POWER THROUGH. Sitting thinking about how little time you have, is not productive. No time for feeling sorry for yourself, no no no. Make that to-do list and get that kick of satisfaction from crossing them off one by one. See the 14 day deadline as a good kick up the bottom to be the most productive you’ve ever been. Channel your inner Beyonce, and absolutely smash through that work. Don’t waste time.

Plan for Christmas

I know we’re being productive but, having those plans of what you’re going to do over the festive period in your head makes getting through work a lot easier. It gives you rewards to work towards. I cannot wait till on the 12th of December I can sit in the christmas markets with my lovely boyfriend, downing baileys hot chocolates by the gallon with no guilt of deadlines hanging over me! It is going to be bliss and will make these final two weeks of hard grafting worth it!


If you’re in this end of term slump, likelihood is your friends are too. Talk to them, tell them how tired and fed-up you are. Our house all came together last weekend and made an Italian dinner to watch Strictly Come Dancing with. It was such a simple thing to do but, after sitting at our desks all day frantically typing it was the most relaxing evening we’ve had in the house yet!

Positive Vibes

Sending all you fellow students lots of positive vibes and love for the next couple of weeks. I apologise for the short blog post but, my brain seems to be turning to mush with the amount of essays I’m writing!! We’ve all got this, positive mental attitudes everyone! Let’s all just think of that christmas dinner (massive heart eyes)!

*Make sure to leave a comment below if you have any tips of handling and getting through that end of term student slump!

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  1. You’re so right! I finish on the 13th, and all honesty, I just want it here already – uni burnout sucks. Hopefully you’ll feel much better once Christmas comes around!

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