Is Crying a Sign of Weakness?

Quite to the contrary, crying is a sign of strength.  Letting ourselves be a little vulnerable and giving ourselves that release is not only a sign of confidence, strength and bravery, it’s also quite healthy. I’ve often heard the phrase real men don’t cry.  To me, the better phrase is […]

Benefits of having a balanced diet.

Having an unplanned or unbalanced diet can prove to be difficult at times. Although we are not required to count our calories, it can be beneficial to know how much we should be eating in one day including how many calories we have in what we eat. If you feel […]

5 Foods To Boost Your Brain

Being a student can be tough, but there are so many ways that you can help yourself. My diet was one of the biggest changes I experienced through university. I became absorbed into ‘quick’ meals with no nutrition, but with more sugar and caffeine, which was certainly not keeping my […]

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