Stepping out of your comfort zone – why you should take the step

Arguably it would be more of a leap than a step, or even jumping out of the pan and into the fire as it were, but I’ve come to realise, more than ever lately, that sure, the first move is always the hardest – but it can only get easier from then on.


Stop preventing yourself from doing the things you love. Worrying about what others will think of you is the biggest barrier to overcome when doing this, in my opinion. It’s easier said than done to stop caring and start doing, but remember: those people should support you – if they are your true friends. There’s never been a better time to do pursue a dream, a hobby, a talent or even just an activity you’ve been wanting to do for a while. Stop putting it off, act now. Effectively, your only preventing the inevitable, so what really is the point?


I recently decided to share my achievements on social media, including my published articles in The Telegraph and my online blogging hobby, and I have to say I do not know what I was so afraid of… Everyone has been so kind! I had visions in my head of people judging me and disliking this change I have decided to nurture, but no! I’m really laying my feelings out on the line here huh…


I’ve got some plans to take the next step in my content creating venture, and I will be hoping to share them real soon with my following.. but for now, I will continue to create writing for MyNeedToLive, hopefully helping other readers and bloggers in this community!


Love Eleanor xx

One thought on “Stepping out of your comfort zone – why you should take the step

  1. Congratulations on your published articles with The Telegraph! That’s a brilliant achievement, you should definitely be proud. Stepping out of my comfort zone is something I’ve always been afraid of, but it’s really worth taking a leap!

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