Benefits of having a balanced diet.

Having an unplanned or unbalanced diet can prove to be difficult at times. Although we are not required to count our calories, it can be beneficial to know how much we should be eating in one day including how many calories we have in what we eat. If you feel that you have an unbalanced diet or want to have a balanced diet, but are unsure of how that can help you, here are some benefits.

Changing your diet can allow your body to have a better immune system which will benefit you as your body will fight off any illness or virus more effectively and quicker. It will also prevent you from being sick too often.

Introducing healthier options to your body can benefit you as it will allow you to receive the nutrients that your body requires. This includes your Vitamins B,C,D etc. Cutting down on bad sugars and having natural sugars for example, fruit sugars, will also benefit your energy levels. Relaying on chocolate for a boost will only give you a sugar rush in which you will then crash because your body will be tired. Cutting out unnecessary sugars and carbs will benefit how you feel e.g you may feel healthier and more productive.

This leads into the next benefit. Increased productivity. Feeling productive will lead you to get one task completed. Once one is completed you will feel motivated to do more and more.

By having a more balanced diet, you should also consider exercising. Having both a balanced diet and exercising will help your mental state. Exercising releases endorphins which are also known as ‘happy hormones.’ These hormones actually work to make you feel good.

These are only a few benefits that come with having a balanced diet. Always remember your 5 a day!

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