The anxiety merry-go-round. I want to get off!

Helen Player

When experiencing anxiety, the chest feels tight, shortening breath. Neck muscles tense, strain and lock, the throat feels closed and swallowing becomes a noticeable action. Some people also experience dizziness, fatigue, a burning sensation of the skin. Less energy results in less activity which in some, results in poorer circulation, […]

Monica Lewinsky – The price of shame

Social Media has created a “culture of humiliation” with cyberbullying now a constant in our digital lives. We all make mistakes in our early 20’s, but what happens when those mistakes are broadcast across all social media? Social media has seen an increase in public humiliation, cyber bullying, and trolling, […]

My Guide To Dealing With Homesickness

Emily Carter

Moving away from home can be the biggest adventure of your life. Exploring a new city. Making new friends. Settling into a new routine. Everything about the new can be exciting. However, there’s another side of moving away that doesn’t get spoken about quite so much. I’m talking about homesickness. […]

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