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22 March 2019 0 comments

By Fahren Khalid -Verified by Big Youth Group.

As head of Creative at the Big Youth Group, my job is to oversee the creative direction of the company and to be an advisor on anything related to strategy, special projects, advertising and marketing functions within the company.

Growing in your career as a young person is a meandering process and one that takes time to develop. If you are reading this it’s likely you are in the beginning stages of your career, therefore we’d suggest you tune into to read this one as this can be a guide which can serve you throughout your whole career if you take some of these points on board.

Take opportunities as they arise.

Fortune favours the bold, it’s important that when opportunities arise you try to do your best to take them otherwise you’re missing the chance to learn and grow. In your career learning and growing are the main tools you can have in your kit for making your career a fulfilling and long one.

It’s important to do the work you love, that’s something we believe in. By trying new things out and taking opportunities your more likely to stumble across a career you love.

Learn how to be compatible and friendly with your co-workers.

Everybody likes someone who works hard for the team and wants to see the best for everyone around them. Your career will be awesome if you can be a good team player, it will lead to an abundance of opportunities throughout your career as people would like to work with you.

Execution. Yes, we said it. The word not everyone wants to hear.

There is no substitute for hard work, at the end of the day, your career prospects and growth depends on your ability to execute. That’s the most important variable.


Finally, to wrap up from the first point our abilities to become individuals who are proud of our careers and the lives we lead depend also on our ability to learn from others. The people around you know a lot more than you do, especially if you are a young person. Your older peers can give you the advice and insights which can extend your careers for decades.

So what are you waiting for? Get working.


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