Top tips and advice for the home working life

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Inspired by Ruth Box , Big Youth Group Ambassador – Verified by Big Youth Group.

Working from home can be a challenge but as a young person trying to move out and cut costs for saving, it has become an efficient way to optimise time and money without any major sacrifices. For many people who imagine home working, they envisage the opportunity to be lazy but if youā€™re a conscientious person, youā€™ll know that this just isnā€™t the case.

Your constant worry that youā€™re not doing enough actually becomes your reason for doing too much. At the end of the day, remote working is dependent on a trusting relationship between employer and employee which works both ways.

Itā€™s a quick and easy way to become isolated from the world so just as your employer relies on you to work hard and fulfil your hours, you can hold your team responsible for regular communication about team progress, goals and support. Itā€™s not for everyone but offers some great opportunities for the right person.

For now weā€™ll leave you with some top tips and advice for the home working life:

1. Pomodoroā€™s will become your best friend and time management technique to stay focused and help segment your work.

2. Donā€™t underestimate how many house maintenance jobs will now become yours because youā€™re at home all the time (if you live with someone- especially with parents!).

3. Avoid watching TV on your lunch break. By the evening you feel very bored of being at home and the novelty of lunch time luxuries wears off. The more disciplined you are about your home working environment and schedule, the more you appreciate down time.

4. Because you are now at home all day, you will become the designated parcel receiver for the whole street.

5. Donā€™t be afraid to reach out for support. Join Facebook and Linked in groups related to your job to talk things over and share ideas (admittedly this is especially for those who work in a start-up and are always trying new things but itā€™s great to network and develop skills this way).

6. Now is your time to invest in you. Yes, a lot of roles provide this opportunity but homeworking presents lots of challenges which you can use self-development to overcome. Improve your focus, push your discipline and learn new skills.

7. Stay active! Being at home 24/7 can tempt you to become a complete recluse. Resist the urge to move from the office to the sofa in one fell swoop and get out for a walk, take a drive out for lunch or look out for local networking events.

8. Donā€™t be hard on yourself. If you struggle to adjust at first, rather than beat yourself up and feel guilty, try new routines and time management techniques. You may prefer mornings or evenings for a creative flow. Learn what works best for you and improve every day.

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  1. I love this, as a freelance writer I can relate to so many of these! And juggling children too adds to the pressure but when things go well, it can be so rewarding.

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