What does side hustle mean to a young person?

By Jack Parsons.

It means hustling, It means getting back from your 9-5 and then working 7-12. For a lot this may seem too much and that’s absolutely fair for you to say. It’s really tough. But the question that arises is are you happy with what you already have? If not, then having a side hustle may be the fuel you need.

A side hustle is having an extra asset that works for you. However, a side hustle is only as good as your long-term plan. If you have no strategic vision for what you want in your life, then having a side hustle may mean more money but will probably result in less happiness. Unless you’re naturally a very hard worker, which is quite a rare quality.

If your aiming towards something for example; starting your own flower shop having a side hustle may be what you need to get there. Being determined to start that flower shop and get out of your miserable job may be enough fuel for the 15-hour work days.

For young people the big advantages you have is time and lack of needing to have true responsibility. You don’t have kids or a mortgage to pay off (in most cases). You can take risks and experiment. Do it! Don’t waste your time until your 40 and have no clue where you’re going  and stuck in doing things you don’t like doing.

A common misperception with side hustles is this idea that your side hustle has to be a business. It can simply mean having another job, doing an internship, attending networking events. The asset of the side hustle doesn’t have to be financial.

For example, the amount of people who are internet blogging about things within their niche understanding e.g. Astrology or Gaming who make a living out of it. It takes time to build up but that’s why they call it a side hustle. An amazing book recommendation for starting an internet side hustle – Gary Vaynerchuk Crushing it.

This book breaks down the necessary steps for what you need to build an internet business or a personal brand and for young person it’s such a viable route. The problems usually are you don’t believe it’s possible or you simply don’t want it bad enough.


Perhaps this short post left you with some ideas and inspiration. Go on and read the book if you are interested in doing a side hustle on the internet. But most importantly know what you want in life, and do what you have to, to make it happen.

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